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AutoDeploy – Creative, Easy To Implement Enterprise Software Solutions

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AutoDeploy helps organizations achieve transformational business outcomes for Oracle JD Edwards customers. AutoDeploy has enterprise scale and ready software that fully automates the package build and deploy process in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and an analytic framework that provides enterprise-wide visibility, communication, and metrics on the status of evolving business processes. Here is our recent interview with Mark Dalton CEO of AutoDeploy:

MarkDalton Q: Mark, tell us something more about AutoDeploy and your history?

A: Our company launched in 2014. Jeb Benbow, our chief technical architect and co-founder, and I spent roughly two years organizing our business, developing enterprise ready products, with a focus on high quality, easy to implement solutions. Our investors, who were really visionary in their understanding and approach to the enterprise software market, offered us total support to ensure our products were the highest quality solution in the marketplace. Jeb and I have worked in the Oracle JD Edwards space since 1999 and we both experienced similar issues over years of development, multi vertical implementations and management of large scale ERP rollouts. Anyone who has worked in that space for as long as we have runs into similar issues: disjointed coordination amongst technical, functional and management; change control processes that limit every facet of a project’s lifecycle; and a standard repeatable process that delivers accurate code builds. We saw an opportunity to transform the market by building products to empower the business to focus on business issues, increase ease of use of the core JD Edwards product, and eliminate slack in the development lifecycle. Our customers uniformly are amazed by the time to value and the alignment of IT and the business.

We were the first to support JDE101, a not for profit focused on educating the next generation of JD Edwards talent. As an organization we embrace the future of Oracle JD Edwards and will always be open to opportunities to grow the ecosystem.

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Q: What advantage does AutoDeploy have over its competitors?

A: Our products offer an almost limitless communication process of change that has been implemented into development, prototype and production environments. We don’t simply automate the code build and deploy, we provide a robust analytics platform for the entire organization to utilize for effective collaboration. Our proprietary code validation module scans the code base for errors. If we find an error, we won’t build and deploy that error, and we will message the error to the appropriate person (or group) with the specific error and steps to remediation.

Our code build and deploy process can run in multi mode processing. You can schedule Envoy and have a completely zero click build and deploy, or you can click one button and execute a build and deploy .

We are closely aligned with Oracle and have participated in their 9.2 tools beta and 9.2 applications beta. We’ve received positive feedback from Oracle about our participation and we plan to strongly align with Oracle for our future product enhancements and releases.

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Q: You’ve recently announced strategic alliance with CD Group, tell us something more?

A: We see the alliance with CD Group as a major breakthrough in the managed services market. Customers were traditionally looking for a very tactical solution with an MSP. We see that tactical mindset shifting to a broader strategic view. Customers want to be able to do more at cost, and focus on their core business objectives.

I give the CD Group an enormous amount of credit for realizing that their customer base is expecting an agile delivery model; they have embraced that feedback from their customer base. Organizationally we align on improving the user experience of the Oracle JD Edwards ERP product. This is a big shift from a tactical focus, to a value add/outcome based strategic model.

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your Envoy software solution compared to similar solutions?

A: We are the only enterprise ready automation software in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne market. Not only have we been Oracle Validated Integration (“OVI”) certified, we have deployed in the Oracle Managed Cloud Services (“OMCS”) space, something no other company that focuses on automating the code build and deploy process can say. Our company had to go through a rigorous validation with Oracle’s DevOps team to ensure we would provide continuity of current business processes, while transforming how a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customer interacts with the software.

We enable a business to focus on doing what they do best.

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Q: What can we expect from AutoDeploy in next six months?

A: We are continuing our focus on letting computing resources take the bulk load of processes that are manual and automating those processes. We are specifically working on the Oracle and Oracle JD Edwards IoT platform. This is probably the most significant opportunity in ERP we’ve seen in a decade.

Q: Where do you fit into the Oracle Cloud ecosystem?

A: We’re excited about Oracle’s push into the cloud space. We’re enthusiastic about our product suite as we are cloud ready. So we see a couple of interesting cloud ecosystems that our products, and expertise, can bring to the market.

1.) Oracle Managed Cloud — we’re up and running in the Oracle Cloud with customers seeing major benefits from increased development time, lower TCO for their installation, and renewed vigor of the customer base taking full control of their change management process. Using the Oracle cloud customers can find the appropriate scale from an infrastructure perspective and can utilize Oracle’s depth and experience with DevOps to provide a highly configurable, best of breed platform and processes. AutoDeploy’s product suite extends the DevOps model to a logical conclusion: we automate manual processes, providing Oracle Cloud customers with agile, automated and accurate code build and deploys, which delivers significant business value and transformational outcomes for Oracle Cloud customers.

2.) AWS / Azure — From our perspective, Oracle has adopted the most flexible options for customers looking at cloud solutions. Internally we utilize AWS and are currently running all of our product development, unit and acceptance testing in a cloud environment. We want our people to have access any time, all the time, to our code base. As more customers running on premises look to the cloud we see them evaluating AWS and Azure as viable options for their business model. This is something we love about the cloud; customers get their choice of an open stack solution and our products easily interface into AWS or Azure.

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