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AutoGravity Is Changing The Way People Buy And Finance Vehicles Across The United States

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AutoGravity is a FinTech pioneer that empowers car shoppers across the United States with vehicle lease and loan offers before they go to the dealership. Their mobile app successfully connects car shoppers and dealers with an easy-to-use intuitive interface containing every detail about a car the customer is buying. To learn more about their platform we sat down with Serge Vartanov, Chief Marketing Officer of AutoGravity:

Serge Vartanov

Q: What is AutoGravity and how does it work?

A: AutoGravity is the only platform that allows you to choose from multiple indirect financing options and finance a vehicle from start to finish in less than 10 minutes on your smartphone. AutoGravity’s proprietary system can connect you with dealers and lenders in minutes, so all you need to do is select the lending option that’s right for you – and drive off the lot with the peace of mind in knowing you received a fair deal.

The platform empowers car shoppers to finance any new or used car in four easy steps:

· Select any vehicle – down to make, model and trim.
· Find a dealership that sells that vehicle.
· Search for financing with a seamless digital application.
· Select from up to four personalized finance offers in minutes.

The user can then take their chosen offer to the dealership to complete the process of leasing or purchasing the vehicle they selected. AutoGravity’s industry-leading technology has been embraced by top banks and dealer groups to provide a seamless car shopping experience to customers – anytime, anywhere.

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Q: What’s AutoGravity’s story? How did AutoGravity start?

A: Team AutoGravity shares one dream – to transform the way people buy and finance vehicles. This vision brought together a team of automotive industry veterans and digital natives with a unique understanding of the challenges faced by car shoppers, dealers and lenders. AutoGravity was founded in late 2015 and officially opened its headquarters in Irvine, California in January, 2016 with four employees. With seed investment from Daimler Financial Services, AutoGravity grew more than ten-fold, ending the year with more than 50 full-time employees. Today AutoGravity is available across the country and has garnered 200,000+ downloads.

Q: What makes AutoGravity a good choice?

A: AutoGravity changes the game by giving car shoppers direct access to up to four great offers right on their smartphones, anytime, anywhere. Qualified car shoppers arrive at the dealership with approved loan or lease offers, ready to close the deal. This is the only platform available nationwide that successfully connects car shoppers with leading dealerships and top global lenders in a single, convenient digital marketplace. Designed with state-of-the-art security, AutoGravity protects consumers’ information with advanced bank-level encryption and data security technologies, ensuring sensitive information is processed in a safe and secure way.

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Q: What are some upcoming initiatives from AutoGravity that we can look forward to over the next few months?

A: AutoGravity is changing the way we shop for and finance vehicles, bringing the customer journey to the digital age. The team is constantly working on enhancing the user experience to serve a broader segment of customers. We encourage our users to download AutoGravity and sign-up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date with announcements and new features.

Q: How would you convince readers to start using AutoGravity?

A: AutoGravity is available for free as a native app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store – simply search ‘AutoGravity’ in the store to find and download the app. The platform is also available as a native app at AutoGravity cuts the vehicle financing process from multiple hours to under 10 minutes, from start to finish. The platform is simple and inuititive to use – car shoppers simply select any new or used car, locate a nearby dealership that sells that vehicle and search for financing – all on their smartphones. AutoGravity gives its customers convenience, transparency and most importantly, the power of choice – it is the “go-to” platform for anyone looking to buy and finance a new or used car.

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Q: Who are your primary customers?

A: AutoGravity was designed and developed for car shoppers who want to save time the next time they buy and finance a car. The platform empowers its shoppers with personalized car finance offers – giving them the confidence of knowing their lender, rate and monthly payment before they get to the dealership.

Q: How is AutoGravity helping to move the automotive and financing industries forward?

A: AutoGravity is driving a fundamental transformation in the auto-finance industry by reinventing the customer car shopping experience. For the first-time-ever, an application has brought auto and finance, two legacy-rich industries, into the digital age without disrupting established companies or processes. The goal is simple – to deliver a seamless, unparalleled customer experience. Our partnerships with top lenders and dealership groups strengthen the experience for all parties by empowering customers with knowledge and the confidence that they are receiving a fair deal.

Q: What advice would you offer other unique startups trying to make their break in the digital age?

A: Put customers at the heart of everything you do. Digital transformation is not about disruption – it is about working closely with industry leaders to amplify the customer experience. Take time to build the platform your team dreamed about, but stay agile and don’t stop learning from user feedback and pivoting to better meet your customer needs.

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