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AV Programming Associates: A Crestron Programming Company That’s Embracing Change

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Below is our recent interview with Matthew Grisafe, President of AV Programming Associates:

Q: Hello Matthew! Please provide our readers with a brief introduction to AV Programming Associates.

A: AV Programming Associates is a programming company that focuses on the development of smart homes and businesses. Our company mainly provides customized control of audio and video systems for these spaces, but can also provide control and automation of other subsystems in a home or facility. These systems can include lighting, shades, HVAC, scheduling, security, and any other system that has a network or control interface with which we can communicate.

It’s often helpful for people outside of our industry to think of what we do as providing one big “remote control.” We give people the ability to operate all of their home’s or building’s systems from a single device like an iPad, smartphone, computer, or wall-mounted touch screen.

We work in a variety of spaces, including high-end residences, corporate headquarters, government buildings, educational facilities, and hospitality and retail spaces.

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Q: We understand that smart homes are more popular than ever. Please explain how your company’s Crestron programming services fit into the smart home industry.

A: Smart homes really began to take off when products like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant became widely available. These types of products allow people to control a myriad of devices in their homes, such as light bulbs, thermostats, and locks, using voice commands. One of the other systems these products can talk to is a Crestron system. We program Crestron systems in a way that gives homeowners customized functionality over their home’s systems in ways that Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can’t on their own.

The average homeowner doesn’t always need the customized functionality that Crestron programming can provide, but when they do, that’s when they come to us. We typically work in high-end homes and have clients who are CEOs, professional athletes, and Hollywood A-listers.

Even though the systems we program have a high degree of functionality, they’re still intuitive. Homeowners don’t necessarily have to be tech savvy to operate them because we program them in a way that is very user-friendly.

Q: You mentioned before that you also do commercial projects. Which industries can benefit most from your Crestron programming services?

A: It’s difficult to try and define which types of people can benefit most from our services. Some people don’t want or need automation, so it would not be beneficial to them. But to others, it can be extremely beneficial.

Crestron programming allows users to control aspects of their environment automatically that they would otherwise have to operate manually. So, in all type of industries, it can be beneficial. Things like opening a door with your voice when your hands are full, having lights turn on when you enter a room, or turning on all of your equipment for a meeting with the press of one button are very attractive to certain people. These type of systems can also save companies time and money and allow them to complete tasks and communicate across their organizations in ways that they otherwise would not be able to.

Q: How does AV Programming Associates differ from other companies that specialize in Crestron programming?

A: Although we work in a niche industry, there are other great companies out there that do what we do. I believe that we excel because of our personal approach. We build and maintain solid relationships with our clients. We are also a great group of people with a sound moral compass. Our clients appreciate our honest, ethical approach to business. We do what we say we’re going to do, and complete projects to our clients’ satisfaction.

We are smaller than some programming companies, but we have the capabilities of a much larger organization. This means we are able to make decisions quickly, without getting caught up in a lot of red tape, but we can also take on large scale projects. We deliver Crestron programming for both commercial and residential projects, whereas most programming companies only do one or the other.

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Q: What is next on the roadmap for AV Programming Associates?

A: The industry is changing. There are more companies providing devices and technology to compete in this space. Even those we are currently supporting are changing and we have to adapt. It’s hard to predict where the technology will go, but over the years, I have been building a network of contacts who do specialty programming work. I foresee us working together more closely in the next five years to embrace the changing technology. I think the key is to be open to change and to recognize opportunities as they present themselves.

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