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Avegant Glyph hits Kickstarter goal of $250,000 within four hours

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Avegant Glyph is an amazing a head-mounted virtual display projecting images on to the virtual retinal display. Glyph includes a pair of premium headphones into the headset so it can be used for all kinds of different entertainment. It is basically a very sophisticated home theater for your face.

The Glyph can plug into any HDMI source and display any current content natively. This means sources from an XBox to a Playstation to a MacBook to an iPhone to an Android device may be used while content from Blu-ray DVDs to video games to streaming movies can be watched.

The Glyph’s Virtual Retinal Display uses one million micromirrors in each eye piece to reflect a sharp, vivid and lifelike image directly onto the back of your retina.

Watch video to see how virtual retinal display works:

You can still pledge for your Glyph on Kickstarter.

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