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AXLE – Innovative Risk Driven One-Step Platform For Total Wealth Management

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AXLE – a B&B Analytics product, is a comprehensive and full stack set of total wealth and risk management solutions for family offices, asset managers, and investment experts merged into a single and secure platform. AXLE is a combination of traditional wealth management approaches and powerful investment controlling tools made for ensuring positive returns on investments. To find out more about their platform we sat down with Guido Buehler, Chairman and Founding Partner of B&B Analytics:

Guido Buehler

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to B&B Analytics flagship AXLE?

A: AXLE is a complete wealth platform for family offices, asset managers and investment experts. The platform provides a set of proven technology and services solutions to meet the full value chain of different client needs, and can be tailored to specific requirements while simultaneously delivering scalability. AXLE imbibes our unique experience as a strategic advisor to successful institutions and families, who have drawn upon our knowledge and capabilities over the years to develop long-term strategies for their businesses and investments. It combines our entire knowledge and expertise into one comprehensive, seamless and leading-edge platform.

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Q: What is unique about AXLE and how does it stand out from competition?

A: AXLE enables clients to seamlessly incorporate both bankable and non-bankable investments at every stage of the investment process. Investments in private companies, real estate, art & collections, and luxury items are valued on a dynamic basis helping them to truly understand the evolution of “Total Wealth” continuously. Family offices can on-board the entire bankable wealth of their clients in an automated manner, define and select valuation and risk models for real assets, as well consolidate and report granular performance and risk analytics monthly. This enables clients to identify and monitor the interdependencies between bankable and non-bankable wealth an ongoing basis.

Moreover, AXLE delivers insights within a risk driven framework allowing a continuous evaluation of all decisions in the context of risks taken and thereby achieve improved portfolio stability and control. For example, prior to Brexit, AXLE would have enabled clients to assess the impact of various potential outcomes, from benign to severe, on their total wealth and pre-position their portfolios in line with the respective risk tolerances. AXLE’s risk framework enables a process that encourages action before the fact.

Another key element is AXLE’s flexibility. AXLE can be delivered as a standalone tech platform, as an extension of a client’s in-house team, or as a strategic partner to optimize operations. The entire platform can be customized as an optimal mix of technology and services to cater to each client. They can control how they want to engage.

Q: AXLE delivers a full value chain of capabilities; could you give us more insights into your features?

A: With its open architecture and expandable framework, AXLE is well positioned to address industry challenges. Through modular and customizable solutions, AXLE addresses the full value chain of client needs, providing flexibility and scalability at an improved cost of ownership. The offering is diverse but can be broken down into the following 8 components:

* Investment Management tech which includes a SaaS based solutions portfolio monitoring & analysis, model portfolio management, trading and order management including pre-trade processes

* Risk Management – intelligence to discover and attribute all risks, run analytics, and conduct scenario analysis and stress testing on total wealth

* Total Wealth Consolidation: Dynamic consolidation and analysis of bankable, corporate, real estate and private investments with ex-post performance monitoring and ex-ante risk analysis

* Research & Algorithm Development – a proprietary portfolio /strategy optimization and back-testing suite , macro/cross-asset and single security research, and systematic strategy development – offered as a service

* Non-bankable & Illiquid Asset Modeling – Multi-factor valuation and risk models for corporate , real estate and private investments

* Compliance: SaaS based Pre & Post trade compliance technology to comply with regulation, investment policies and guidelines

* Client Management Tech: SaaS based CRM module to manage all client information in one place, including a document vault, and contact logs

* Mid/Back Office support: Data management, manual trade capture/ booking / recon, corporate action monitoring and processing and portfolio maintenance as a service

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: As of now our key markets are Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and India and Middle East and Americas.

Q: What can we expect from you in next six months?

A: There are several things in the pipeline. We are continuously improving AXLE’s delivery and user experience, as well as its analytics and reporting capabilities. We are also working to further automate and integrate new tech components and services. Business process automation via RPA and evaluating Blockchain related opportunities are some areas we are actively pursuing in this regard.

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