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Ayla Networks Raises $60M Series D Funding To Expand Its IoT Ecosystem Capabilities

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Ayla’s IoT platform provides flexibility and modularity to practically any type of device, cloud or app environment. Since the company’s inception, they have focused on a broadly horizontal IoT platform that can ingest data from nearly any sensor or cloud, and normalize that data for use by applications. Below is our recent interview with Dave Friedman, CEO and Co-founder of Ayla:


Q: Dave, you’ve recently announced $60 Million in Series D funding round; could you tell us something more?

A: With this latest round, we are in a position to expand our product and ecosystem capabilities, leveraging our industry-leading Internet of Things Platform as a Service to help customers accelerate the time-to-value from the IoT.

Q: What is the story behind Ayla Networks, how did you start?

A: With the other founders working around my kitchen table in 2010. Our company name is an acronym of the initials of our children’s first names.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: We provide game-changing, device-agnostic capabilities to:

• Drive operational efficiency through reducing calls, improving call-handle times, reducing repeat calls and preventing unnecessary truck rolls
• Improve warranty margins by providing maintenance and support services only when required
• Reduce costs by predicting failures before they happen
• Drive top-line growth by offering leasing and “product as a service” business models as well as usage-based warranties
• Improve products in development and in the field by leveraging granular usage data and firmware updates to streamline existing capabilities and add new ones.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The vision is to provide the world’s leading enterprise IoT PaaS. We’ve already made significant progress, and we now have much more capital to invest in the next stage of growth.

Last Updated on December 4,2017

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