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Badu Networks Addresses The TCP And Network Optimization Problems Of The Coming Next-Gen 5G Mobile Networks

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Badu Networks is a young company with the mission and fundamental next generation technology to redefine the Internet “edge.” Badu’s products will result in an enhanced end-user mobile experience while the mobile infrastructure and content providers will significantly reduce their investment to move network traffic. Below is our interview with Tony Wong, VP of Marketing and Co-founder at Badu Networks:


Q: You’ve developed a network optimization solution for building out and sustaining the 5G network; could you tell us something more?

A: Badu Networks’ patented WarpTCP™ TCP optimization technology-based line of products improves TCP traffic by maximizing the use of the available bandwidth, especially as the number of users and the amount of network jitter increases. The latter part about network jitter is the key. Bandwidth underperforms more as network speeds and jitter increase. It’s evident as the world goes mobile. Increasing network speeds and bandwidth raise the absolute traffic throughput, BUT efficiency does not improve. In fact, as we’ve moved to LTE, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps+ speeds; capacity-efficiency is 30% or worst. 5G will suffer the same, if not worst, efficiency fate.

The 5G build out is going to be a costly investment of at least $130 billion and it won’t deliver the throughput users expect. It’s not the 5G build out or infrastructure’s fault – it’s TCP in the content servers, miles away misinterpreting the true network situation. Bottom line, to use a transportation analogy: if TCP decides to stall traffic, it doesn’t matter how fast or how many lanes are on the highway.

Furthermore, the next generation TCP optimization product must also perform when there is encrypted traffic and networks where you cannot control both the sender and receiver side. WarpTCP accelerates performance with handling encrypted and compressed traffic.

WarpTCP is designed completely different than past and current WAN optimization products. WarpTCP addresses problems and jitter sources found in today’s networks that current flavors of TCP do not:

· Mobile (radio frequency, cellular, Wi-Fi)
· Satellite
· SDN/virtual
· Tunneling protocols
· Interconnection
· Asymmetric networks
· More frequent content uploads
· Cloud

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your WarpEngine-X?

A: WarpEngine-X is our 10Gbps network hardware product. WarpEngine-X is a 1U server customers can install into their network in 30 minutes for the “insurance” and peace of mind of getting maximum throughput when the network is busy or dealing with numerous types of jitter, as mentioned before. WarpEngine-X is a transparent proxy deployment that contains Badu’s patented WarpTCP software. WarpTCP is scalable — from small deployments like a office or small hotel running 100Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps in complex, high volume networks such as telco carrier core networks and cell towers. WarpEngine-X features a bypass option, so traffic won’t stop flowing, regardless of environment errors and failures.

Perhaps the best part of WarpEngine-X is that you do not need a box or application on both ends of your network. WarpEngine-X can be deployed at the content server-side (i.e. core network, data center), the client-side (i.e. cell tower, router, access points), or in the middle (i.e. at an ISP, hotspot concentrator). It’s simple, quick, and cost efficient.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We have several additional patented technologies that will help the industry continue to push the edge closer to end-users, so they will actually be able to stream 4K video. One of our patents is on providing intelligent caching at cell towers and home or office routers and access points. We have plans for further technical generation of our TCP optimization that improves performance even more and that allows us to embed it efficiently and effectively into a chip.

Badu Networks’ ultimate goal is to keep pushing network boundaries closer and closer to the edge.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Badu Networks that people might not know about?

A: As a young company, the best thing people might not know about Badu Networks is that we exist and have products to improve their cellular and wi-fi networks! We’re all about being edgy, if I may use a pun.

But seriously, the best thing about Badu Networks that people might not know about is that our products are both complementary and competitive — we complement the RiverBed-type product investments you’ve made by improving aspects of TCP optimization they don’t; AND we offer a new TCP optimization use case solution those companies do not, the mobile environments.

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