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BeliaIsza Is An Upcoming Fashion Technology Brand Dedicated To Empowering Women Through Fashion And Philanthropy

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Below is our recent interview with Aisha Chatha, CEO of BeliaIsza:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to BeliaIsza?

A: Belia Isza is an upcoming fashion technology brand that is dedicated to empowering women through fashion and philanthropy. Our clothing lines consist of formal daywear, eveningwear, wedding gowns and custom gowns that fuse the flamboyant luxury of South Asian design with the sublime aesthetics of French couture.

Belia Isza outfits carry a signature style statement that is both sumptuous and sophisticated, with smart silhouettes overlaid with hand-stitched embellishments and other fine detailings that raise each creation to the realms of art.

Shopping for high-end, bespoke clothing can be a challenge in the online space, which is why our store is equipped with a Virtual Styling Room, where customers can choose their body type, create a personal avatar and try on any Belia Isza design before placing an order.

Our vision is to make women look beautiful and feel beautiful, as they stand tall and confident in their own unique selves. And while we’re passionate about helping fashionistas find their inner goddess through our one-of-a-kind creations, we’re equally dedicated to helping women around the world, who are looking for support in their journey towards achieving their dreams and goals as well.

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Q: What made you create your own brand?

A: I was inspired to start my brand because I have always loved fashion. I used to spend countless hours playing with colors and fabrics when I was a child, and as I grew up, the passion just continued. I was fascinated by the works of fashion icons, and became an avid student of styles and trends as they evolved and changed.

My second inspiration came from my parents who ran their businesses with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit. I wanted to walk the same path as them and be a successful entrepreneur, but the aha! moment for me really came when I was attending Rutgers Business School.

I was watching a slideshow in class on the historical Byzantine Era, when a queen of those times appeared on the screen in an outfit that was so exquisite in its fine design details that my inner fashion designer awakened to a whole new possibility: starting a premium line of signature occasion wear, that combined my passion for fashion with my desire to be an entrepreneur.

And so, Belia Isza was born.

As I got further into the idea of starting this brand, I knew I wanted Belia Isza to play a meaningful role in society as well. Women empowerment has always been a cause that is close to my heart, and I wanted to make sure that somehow my brand could leverage women to be leaders within their community and feel strong enough to pursue their hopes and dreams.

Q: What kinds of products do you offer to your clients?

A: We design a premium collection of formal daywear, eveningwear and bridal gowns that are inspired by fashion traditions from both the East and the West. We also do customized eveningwear and bridal gowns, and in the near future, we want to grow into swimwear, shoes and accessories.

Q: There’s also a virtual try on room – how does it work?

A: I love technology and I wanted to ensure that my company helped solve the biggest problem women face when shopping online for clothes: not being able try them on.

Belia Isza takes this pain point out of the equation by offering the Virtual Styling Room. Women can select their body type here and create an avatar for themselves that tries on clothes and demonstrates how they look.

We’re constantly improving our Virtual Styling Room experience and making it more 3D and interactive because our customers are really enjoying this facility.

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Q: What Advice Do You Have For Early Entrepreneurs?

A: My first advice for early entrepreneurs is this: be fueled by your passion, and not your fears.

When I first started my business and was struggling to find my feet, my biggest fear was that of failing. But I discovered that the more I battled my fears, the more I grew as a person, and my business was growing as well.
Stand up to fear as an early entrepreneur, and you’ll find that you too can move mountains. The small rewards that first begin to come in will feel like multi-million dollar lottery wins, and you’ll be glad you didn’t give up early on because your vision is now coming so beautifully together.

My second advice when starting a new company is to be thorough with the details. Make sure, for example, that you have your contracts in place, your finances in place, your business plan in place. Along with vision and passion, a strong foundation is necessary if a business is going to thrive and grow.

My last advice is to always be authentic. Be true to yourself, believe in your dreams and be the best brand representative of your company as you possibly can.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We want to create new lines and introduce exciting, new designs to our followers. We’re improving the features in our Virtual Styling Room to give customers an even better, true-to-life experience when selecting clothes. We’re taking the brand to fashion shows, and preparing to do our first pop-up shop in New York or Los Angeles. And we’re building stronger partnerships with women empowerment organizations, so we can share our blessings with women all over the world.

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