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benefitexpress – Cloud-Based Platform For Employee Benefits And Health Exchange Services

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benefitexpress is a cloud-based platform for employee benefits and health exchange services that focuses on flexible, custom-made solutions. Their system, My Benefit Express (MBE), provides a full range of services including, but not limited to: direct bill services, reimbursement account administration, and a full service call center. Below is our interview with Monica Hinchey, Vice President of Client Relations at benefitexpress:


Q: Monica, tell us about benefitexpress and some of the key solutions you offer?

A: We are a cloud-based software company providing employee benefits and health exchange services in addition to traditional compliance administration for organizations of any scale. In a nutshell, the software draws custom data from our secure cloud network to make enrolling in benefits quick and easy for employees – as well as provides essential tools for HR professionals. Outside of benefits administration, our services also include: COBRA/direct billing, FSA/reimbursement administration, carrier bill reconciliation, total compensation statements, and a full service call center – among others.

Q: In the benefits administration market, what makes benefitexpress stand out?

A: We truly strive to be HR’s best friend. benefitexpress has dedicated client teams that don’t just care about benefits, but also care about the actual clients and their employees. Between the piles of paperwork and questions from every direction – HR professionals have a time deficit. That’s where our fully customizable solution, My Benefit Express™ (MBE) comes in. MBE can handle any benefit structure – no matter how complex. Options come à la carte, so we can build exactly what you need, exactly the way you need it, to get rid of all that paperwork. We can also take care of any questions an employee might have with our wide array of communication and education solutions.

Q: How does your virtual benefits advisor solution, Enroll with Cal, aid participants in the enrollment process?

A: In addition to being our company’s mascot, Cal (your benefits pal) is also our virtual enrollment advisor: what we call ‘Enroll with Cal’. Cal takes the guesswork out of confusing, complicated benefits jargon. He is there to assist employees with enrollments by providing easy, step by step instructions with explanations along the way. Cal educates employees by showing the differences in costs for each plan and a breakdown of services that shows exactly where the money is going. He will then suggest a plan based on past experiences and preferences. In the end, employees make the right choices while freeing up HR’s valuable time.

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Q: How does My ACA Manager™ assist clients with the management of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

A: My ACA Manager™ eases the administrative burden of Healthcare Reform via three main services:
1. Government required forms: We offer several different options for completing the essential 1094-C and 1095-C forms.
2. Hours tracking: Clients can choose to provide an indicator after they conduct the eligibility calculation themselves, or benefitexpress can track and determine the eligibility for the client.
3. Reporting: My ACA Manager™ provides five standard reports to support ACA regulations management including: Eligibility Analysis, Threshold, Employees & Dependents Covered in the Health Plan, PCORI – Snapshot Method, and Hours Worked Detail Report.

Q: How can your mobile app, My Benefit Express™ Mobile, help participants when it comes to their benefits?

A: My Benefit Express™ Mobile allows users to easily view all of their benefit plans with the touch of a button. If an employee is at a doctor’s office or pharmacy and needs important benefit info, they can simply login to the app and look it up! Key features of the app include:
• One-click access to our Customer Care Center.
• Text to receive FSA balance.
• Ability to view all benefit plans in one place including plan name, cost per pay, covered persons, helpful links, contact info, and more.
• Informational benefits videos.
• Like our system, My Benefit Express™, the app is customizable to include your company’s colors and logo in order to match your brand.

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Q: Are there any other resources you produce for HR and benefits professionals?

A: We are passionate about educating the HR and benefits industry which is why we provide content like:
• Blog posts
• Benefits discussion videos
• Free ERISA attorney led webinars and archived webinars (both slides and videos)
• Infographics
• Guides
• Top 10 Lists
• Legislative Updates
• HR and benefits glossary
All of these resources are free and available to view at any time. We take pride in creating content that is valuable for both HR professionals and anyone outside of HR that may have questions about certain benefits topics.

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Q: What can we expect from benefitexpress in the future? Any upcoming solutions or enhancements to My Benefit Express™?

A: benefitexpress is constantly releasing enhancements and features that are improving our system. That is never going to change and is one thing you can continue to expect from us going forward. An exciting upgrade we have planned for My Benefit Express™ is to make the site fully responsive. Once this occurs, participants will be able to login to the system on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. This is going to be a big step forward for us as it will allow users to enroll and use our system anywhere they’d like.

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