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Best Ways To Enhance Employee Onboarding

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For a company, onboarding an employee is as important and challenging as hiring new employees. Onboarding is the process in which employees are officially inculcated in the company and briefed about their roles and responsibilities. They are made familiar with the Modus Operandi of the company and work culture inside the organization. For both the employer and the employee, a smooth onboarding paves the way for collective growth. These days, companies do a lot of research and collect feedback to make the onboarding as smooth and productive as possible. Businesses invest a lot of money in adopting different and new ways of employee onboarding and training. New LMS like DiscoverLink help a lot in the training and learning of the employees. Here are some tips to make the employee onboarding and training process smooth, both for the employer and the employee.


A little gesture like keeping a welcome letter on the desk or mail can help new hires feel more connected and comfortable. The first day of your work can make you nervous, and little things like these keep the employees’ morale high. Draft a decent welcome letter, and wish them luck for their new role.


Most companies these days make sure that all the documents and signatures of the employees are done digitally and in advance. Most organizations prefer taking e-signs and scanned copies of the documents. This paves the way for smooth and hassle-free onboarding. Having a lot of paperwork on the first day itself can frustrate the new employees and distract them from learning new things in the onboarding and training.


When someone starts a new job, many questions are going in their head like the timings of the lunch, new meetings, first tasks, etc. So, giving a plan to them, answering all the basic queries a new employee can have, helps them to be focused on their first day. This helps to keep the employees calm and composed on their first day, which can be nerve-wracking for most.


When new employees join, the first thing that fascinates them is their new office. Giving them an office tour on the first day itself can make them feel comfortable and motivated. Show them things like where they sit, where to get the coffee from, the wash rooms and the common rooms, where their other key people sit. Doing this would help them feel confident while working.


Working in a corporate is all about teamwork, and the team should know each other well. So, arranging a first-day team lunch can be an ice breaker for the new hires. They can know the persons they are going to work with and get to know about their experiences. This makes the new hires communicate well with their teams and the other colleagues in the office. It also helps to lighten the mood as the first days can be very stressful and tiring.


Adopting training modules that are according to the preferences of the employees can work wonders. This not only helps in better learning and understanding but also paves the way for fast and smooth onboarding and training. LMS like DiscoverLink provide us with that option. New hires should be able to customize the way they want to learn.


Taking feedback from your new employees not only makes them feel confident but also helps the organization to take appropriate measures for improving the onboarding and training process. The companies should ask their new hires, good and bad experiences and the suggestions they want to make.


Onboarding an employee can be an arduous process, both for the new hire and the employer itself. Taking suitable measures to smoothen the onboarding process is a must, primarily due to covid-19. The work culture of companies around the globe is changing, and taking new steps like these would help the organization accommodate these changes.

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