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Betting On Better Days Ahead For Business

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The worst economic impacts of coronavirus have hopefully come and gone. However, it’s safe to say most industries and markets are a long way from fully regaining their pre-pandemic momentum. With few exceptions, times are tough for the global economy and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

It sounds like a lot of doom and gloom, but these things happen now and then. What’s more, several signs point to a strong recovery in the months ahead. One is the confidence of investors regarding the future worth of investments currently impacted by the pandemic. Another is the steady strength of specific stocks in defiance of the downward trend of the greater economy.

Real Estate Investment

Few sectors rise and fall with the ups and downs of the economy as reliably as real estate. Generally speaking, when economic fundamentals are strong, the same can be said for property markets.

With real estate sales slowing, many property investment businesses have seen the value of their shares drop. Rather than join in and cash out, real estate investment firms like HFZ Capital Group have seized on what appears to be a golden opportunity.

According to the founder and chairman of HFZCap, the sense is these companies are significantly undervalued. Buying up shares now will mean tremendous profit when these businesses bounce back.

It might seem like business as usual, but it’s a relatively novel approach for a company traditionally involved in big-city property developments. A quick look at HFZ Cap’s Instagram account reveals their prowess is buying and selling world-class real estate properties across Manhattan. The transition is a testament to two things: an ability to see opportunity where others see liability, and tremendous confidence in there being better days ahead for the world of real estate.

Technology Stocks

As reported back in May, tech stocks have remained red hot in the face of pandemic blues. This immunity to COVID-19 is owed, in part, to the surge in reliance on tech during the pandemic. Individuals and organizations need powerful hardware, dependable software, and high-speed internet access like never before.

Another reason Silicon Valley has maintained its momentum in the age of coronavirus is the sense of permanence in regards to this trend. Most analysts agree the increase in tech solutions due to COVID-19 is here to stay. Whether it’s work-from-home capabilities or upgrades to automation, companies will continue to maintain these changes going forward.

The disruption to markets and industries caused by the coronavirus pandemic is nothing to take lightly. The world economy is going through an unprecedented process, the true scope of which won’t be truly known until it’s completely over. Until then, governments prepare to authorize additional bailouts to keep businesses afloat.

With that said, investors appear confident in the ability of the economy to bounce back sooner rather than later. While small comfort to those currently unemployed or out of business, a good sign for the future is better than a bleak one.

True, we aren’t out of the woods yet, but it’s a dense thicket, not a sprawling forest.

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