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BikeExchange Helps You Find Anything You Need For Your Bike Online

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BikeExchange is an online marketplace where you can find anything related to bikes. It gives the opportunity to consumers to explore every conceivable option prior to making a purchase. BikeExchange now spans the globe with Marketplaces in New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and here in the United States. Below is our interview with Matt Gordin, CEO of BikeExchange:

Matt Gordin

Q: What’s BikeExchange’s story?

A: It started back in 2007 when Sam Salter had an idea to create an online platform to help retailers attract new customers to their stores. A few years later he was joined by an old school buddy, Jason Wyatt, and together they created not only as we know it today but also many, many other Marketplaces in other retail categories. The group currently employing close to 130 people across 6 countries around the globe. The BikeExchange platform is now used by 75% of all Australian bike stores with several million visitors to the site every month.

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Q: How did BikeExchange US start?

A: As one of the original and largest customers of BikeExchange in Australia, Matt knew it was bringing many new customers to his family’s group of 19 bike stores. Many were receiving up to $1M of inquiries from customers every month. When presented with the opportunity to create BikeExchange in the USA he saw every reason for it to be successful. So he took up the challenge in January 2015 by relocating his entire extended family from Melbourne to Orange County in California. The US business alone now employs 12 people and is adding an average of 25 Retail bike stores a month to its platform.

Q: What makes BikeExchange a good choice for consumers?

A: Think of or, each offering a multitude of products on a single website that allows consumers the opportunity to explore every conceivable option prior to making a purchase. This is what BikeExchange is. Ultimately we will have the inventory of thousands of Retail bikes stores across the USA for consumers to review. No other website can do this and with 50,000 ads on our US site alone we are well on our way to being an essential resource for anyone looking for anything for sale in the bike industry.

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Q: What are main benefits for retailers?

A: Retailers today are facing many challenges and none more than the task of building trade by finding new customers at a reasonable cost. Our pricing model is that you only pay for what you get being a base cost of $50 per $10,000 of genuine inquiry on bikes they have in stock (that’s one half of one percent). No other advertising platform is so cost efficient or measurable. Retailers also have the ability to advertise and promote old stock at clear through prices to hundreds of thousands of customers every month.

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Q: What were the main challenges you faced in developing the company?

A: Being an existing business model that had already successfully operated for 7 years in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Belgium most of the complex international issues had been resolved. Our greatest challenge has probably been visiting all 4500 bike stores across this vast land. It’s a big country and every day we get closer to our goal of 75% market share across the USA.

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Q: What can we expect from you in next six months? What are your plans?

A: We will shortly be launching our auto-update software which will remove 99% of the work that stores do to keep their listings on BikeExchange up to date. It’s going to be a game changer and will ensure that we have an accurate listing of well over 100,000 items on our site for consumers to choose from.

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