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BIN Checker Aims To Become The Most Popular Tool For Preventing Online Fraud

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BIN Checker allows you to identify and confirm the identity of the bank or financial institution that will complete and approve the transaction made in your eCommerce site. BIN number lookup allows your card processor to identify the bank that issued the credit card used in the transaction. BIN Checker shortens the proces of authorization and confirmation of the credit card transaction. Below is our interview with Mihai Ghiata from BIN Checker:


Q: What is BIN Checker and how does it work?

A: BIN Checker reffers to the BIN number. Credit card BIN numbers are the first 6 digits of a card number, and is used to identify it’s issuer/bank. BIN Checker can save hundreds of dollars by stopping a fraudulent credit card transaction before it happens.

Q: You’ve recently updated your website and app; what are main improvements?

A: Bank identification numbers database is up to date now as well we re-designed our website. Updates for the app are included in Version 2.0.1. Companies can use BIN Checker to crosscheck the numbers on a pre-paid card to validate the card and prevent fraud.

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Q: What makes BIN Checker a good choice?

A: BIN is also used to help identify potential security breaches or identity theft by comparing such things as the location of the issuing institution and the address of the cardholder.

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Q: What can we expect from BIN Checker in next six months?

A: BIN Checker will become the most popular tool for preventing online fraud.

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