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Biofriendly Provides A 7% Reduction In Greenhouse Gases With Green Plus, The World’s Only UN Eco-Labeled Energy Transition Fuel Additive

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Biofriendly is all about practical environmentalism. Below is our recent interview with Noel Carroll, CEO of Biofriendly:

Q: Let’s hear your elevator pitch – what is Biofriendly?

A: We provide a 7% reduction in greenhouse gases with Green Plus, the world’s only UN Eco-Labeled Energy Transition Fuel additive. We alsopresent a pain-free and entertaining way to learn more about the environment (without all of the brow beating that often comes with environmentalism) in our e-magazine and media network, Biofriendly Planet.

Q: Where do you see the future of fuel going?

A: Oil is a non-renewable resource and an air pollutant when burned. These facts have led to a steadily increasing transition away from fossil fuels for both transportation and energy on our planet. This can be seen in the growing market share of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and solar power over the past decade. This “energy transition” is apparent and increasingly popular, however it still has a long way to go. According to the EPA there are still 1 billion fossil fuel powered vehicles on the road today. Automotive experts have forecasted that EV could potentially be 60-80% of the market sold in 2050, but that is still 30 years of significant greenhouse gases that Biofrendly believes should be prevented from entering the atmosphere. By adding our additive Green Plus to fuel, it immediately becomes Energy Transition Fuel. This means you will produce 7% less greenhouse gas emissions and 30% less particulate matter. This can help to significantly reduce the pollution created by traditional fuels, while the planet transitions to its next phase of transportation and energy.

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Q: What are some easy things you can suggest for people to do to be more eco-friendly?

A: Suggesting easy things to go green is our forte! So much so that we created a Biofriendly Planet Facebook Group called, “The Painless Green,” because we believe that eco-friendly choices should be simple to incorporate in your daily routine. We always begin with the example of giving up single-use plastic straws when you can (which was the subject of the very first episode of The Biofriendly Podcast). While this choice may feel insignificant to help our greater environmental challenges, it’s a small step in the right direction. Every time you make this conscious effort to help the planet reduce waste, your mindset shifts to more and more eco-friendly choices like bringing your own tumbler for coffee, using water filters at home, reducing food waste, and no longer purchasing water bottles.

Q: What are your goals with the Biofriendly Planet Podcast and e-magazine?

A: Our goal is to seek out people that have felt chastised by the green community and currently believe an eco-friendly lifestyle is out of reach—only to present a fun and welcoming alternative through our content. With Biofriendly Planet e-magazine, we offer daily articles about sustainable living tips, DIY tutorials, and easy-to-understand information about social responsibility and conservation. With The Biofriendly Podcast, we utilize our background in entertainment to bring a humorous, light-hearted approach to educate on all things green without the doom and gloom that is often attributed to environmentalism.

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Q: Can you give us insights into what Biofriendly has planned next?

A: As our energy transition fuel additive continues to grow in popularity, specifically in developing countries where electric and renewable options are still far away, we will continue to work tirelessly to improve the quality of fuel with Green Plus. As Biofriendly Planet continues to flourish, we aim to reach a global audience that relies upon us as a knowledgeable source of education through entertainment. We’re also keeping an ear to the ground so that we can find and support the next big thing in green innovation and technology.

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