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Biveo Helps Small Businesses Produce An Effective Marketing Video

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Biveo offers a free library of tools, free resource, videos and information for small businesses that need an effective marketing video. For businesses that want to collaborate with a videographer, or are shooting it themselves, the 6 shoot-it-yourself steps, video library, the script, interview questions and shot templates are all free. Below is our interview with Mark Greer, CoFounder and President of Biveo:


Q: Mark, how would you describe Biveo in your own words?

A: In a nutshell, Biveo is a free resource for small businesses for producing an effective profile video. Businesses place the video on the listings of their directory advertising, their website home page, social media and more. Video can be very helpful to customers that don’t know anything about them. The tools include a directory of small business video producers, a 6-step, shoot-it-yourself reference, a directory of video examples, and video content recommendations based on marketing research.

Q: What’s Biveo’s story? How did Biveo start?

A: In 2010, while running BusRates, an online directory of about 4,000 charter bus companies, I saw how upgrading the listings to include a photo of the bus increased quote requests by about 50% overnight. It became clear that if each listing had a well-done video, the user experience of the chartering groups would be improved. But it was too early for video then, and it’s only just beginning to take off now. The other issue I noticed was that of the videos that are out there, very few included the right information that customers wanted. It wasn’t until June of 2013, well after I built and sold MoversReviewed, a directory of 8,400 movers, that I started planning Biveo. In my own daily life, it took me a long time to find a tree service, carpet cleaner, roofer and brick contractor I felt comfortable hiring. I kept asking myself, “how can I help more businesses produce a video so that I can more easily shop?”. In December of 2014, I brought in cofounder Eric Reid, a 14-year Silicon Valley veteran to help. I wouldn’t have undertaken Biveo without him.

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Q: What makes Biveo a good choice?

A: We’ve always tried to make Biveo about putting the customer first, not profit. There are no ads, no hurdles to jump through, and no middleman. Visitors can email video producers directly, and some post a phone number. For businesses that want to collaborate with a videographer, or are shooting it themselves, the 6 shoot-it-yourself steps, video library, the script, interview questions and shot templates are all free. The information is based on 12 years of online marketing experience as well as ongoing marketing research and user sessions. Our video production outlines are very close to laying out the most effective, yet practical marketing video possible. Videos can start around $200, or 10 hours if shooting one for yourself for the first time.

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Q: What kinds of feedback are you getting from users?

A: The first phase of Biveo has been primarily inviting quality business videographers to join. At first, videographers were concerned that Biveo was advocating a non-custom, cheap video option. But once we clarified our message that we advocate the importance of having a high-quality video, videographers have been excited to join, and that includes high-end, national TV commercial producers. Many have also said this is the most fair options as well, because it doesn’t squeeze video producers.

Business owners are saying they are most impressed by the the directory results page, and ease of comparing videographers. Of the business owners that prefer to shoot it themselves, most say the 6 steps appear daunting. Unfortunately, that is a truth about effective video production. You can’t just plug stock footage in and write text over it. An authentic video is more work than meets the eye!

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: The main focus over the next six months will be promoting Biveo to small businesses. I have been waiting for this for a long time as I love this stage. We’ll be conducting more marketing research on the industries we promote Biveo to. We’ll be developing the site’s guide content, and produce educational videos. Finally, we’ll continue working toward listing every active business video producer in the US and Canada.

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