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Biz Text Goes Beyond The Current State Of Texting That Is Used By Business To Truly Improve Communication With Customers

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Texting in business has thus far been limited. Businesses send customers a text when they want to remind them of an appointment, or a customer texts a code to a number to initiate the process of signing up for something, or buying something. But none of these common uses of texting improve communication with customers. Biz Text goes beyond the current state of texting that is used by business to truly improve communication with customers.

Below is our recent interview with Dennis Bartel, CEO at Biz Text:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Biz Text?

A: Mobile traffic accounts for 51% of internet traffic. Texting is one of the most common uses of a cell phone. But what’s amazing is that you can’t name a single business that you can send a text message to. Think about that again, businesses don’t receive text messages! But there is no reason why a business can’t receive a text message and every reason why they should.

Biz Text allows businesses to receive text messages from customers and reply to text messages from customers. Communicating with customers via text messages improves communication efficiency and has many advantages for the business and for customers.

Q: How exactly does your platform work?

A: Biz Text allows customers to text a business. The business can respond from a PC through or any mobile phone.

A business chooses a local ten digit phone number that lets the business receive text messages. The business displays an option on their website to receive texts, for example, with a “Text Our Front Desk” button. When a customer sends a text, the text is routed through the phone number the business has chosen.

The option to text is only seen when their customers are on a mobile device. When the customer sends a text, the business receives the text and replies to the text on a PC using a Texting Dashboard.

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Text messages received by the business can also be forwarded any mobile phone. This means the business can even reply to text messages from their personal phones. When a business replies to a text from a mobile phone, the mobile phone number is kept private and the customer does not see it.

Biz Text allows customers to text a business. The business can respond from a PC or any mobile phone.

Q: What are some of the key features of Biz Text?

A: Replying to text messages from a PC Texting Dashboard or any mobile are key features of Biz Text.

While some other services do have a PC dashboard which can be used to reply to texts, we know of no other services that allows for the business to reply to text messages from any mobile phone.

The Biz Text service was designed with the business user in mind and allows the business to set business hours and has an auto-response feature for off hours periods.

The Texting Dashboard dings when a message comes in just like on a cell phone. It also allows for multiple dashboard users, multiple business numbers, the labelling of conversations, and many smaller features that have evolved from customer usage.

Q: What are the benefits of texting for businesses?

A: Texting is one of the most efficient forms of communication we have and that is why we use it so much in our personal lives. A business that can receive text messages benefits from more efficient communication with customers.

Texting gives the business time to answer. With a phone call, if the business is not available at the exact moment when a phone call comes, this results in a recorded message, being on hold, or voicemail.

Imagine a health care office that can’t always get to a phone call. Texting gives the office an opportunity to respond quickly but not necessarily immediately.

When voicemail is left, voicemails are painful to listen to. Returning voicemail often gets more voicemail before both parties are talking. Texting decreases voicemail and hold times and allows the business and customers to connect more quickly.

90% of text messages are read in three minutes.

When emails are sent by customers, they are often checked by the business only a few times a day. Many people don’t have email setup on their phone but almost everyone has texting.

Texting allows the business time to look up an answer. For example, look up an account, check availability, or ask other staff before responding.

Texting allows customers to not have to speak to someone when the don’t want to. Many people don’t want to talk on the phone, especially millennials.

Texting also allows customers to communicate they can’t speak to someone or it’s not convenient to do so. For example, they are in a busy office environment or on public transportation.

Texting allows a customer to send an inquiry during off hours knowing that they will receive a response when the business returns.

Texting encourages both the customer and the business to be direct and get to the point without time wasting or formalities.

Texting provides a written transcript that both the business and customers can refer to later.

Receiving text messages from customers let’s a business communicate more efficiently with its customers. This is better both for customers and the business and leads to better customer service.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: We see how our Biz Text business clients love our service and benefit from receiving text messages from their customers. But the reality is that you still can’t name a single business that can receive a text message. This means we have a lot of work to do.

Our goal is for texting a business to be common place. Wouldn’t it be easier to make or cancel a doctors appointment by text? Or make a dinner reservation, or ask about the status of an order by text? Or text to find out when your service technician will be there. Texting is a more efficient way of communicating with a business. We don’t see this as a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘when’.

We think that Biz Text and letting business receive text messages is well suited to, and needs something like ‘Blitzscaling’ as Reid Hoffman’s book talks about. While we are growing our business, investments and partnerships would help accelerate that growth.

We need you to be part of the story to bring about this sea change. Find out more about our services or become a Biz Text client. Spread the word. Contact us if you would like to join us in our journey.

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