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BN3TH Creates Engineered Apparel Focusing On Men’s Underwear For All To Feel Confident In

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Below is our recent interview with Dez Price, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at BN3TH:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to BN3TH?

A: BN3TH was started in Vancouver, BC, to radically change how men think about underwear. No one performs at their best when they’re adjusting. Or shifting. Or sweaty. We’re the team who bring you innovative products to give you the best possible start to your day.

As you can probably tell, we’re passionate about what we do, including our love for the environment and the great outdoors. We’re not perfect, but we’re trying. Which is why we made a promise to do everything we can to do our part with our processes, materials and partnerships.

Our best-in-class fabric and fibre partners like Tencel™ Modal, which fibers are used in over 90% of our products, are manufactured by environmentally responsible production processes. The fibers originate from sustainable wood and pulp sources and are certified as compostable and biodegradable. We’re constantly seeking to innovate, create better products, and reduce our impacts.

Throughout the year, we partner with organizations who are leading the way in protecting the planet, like Protect Our Winters who are fighting climate change, The Surfrider Foundation which are working to protect our oceans, and One Tree Planted, a non-profit focused on global reforestation.

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Q: What types of products do you offer to your clients?

A: We inspire you to experience your most radical self. We believe that the feeling of absolute comfort can elevate your everyday performance, and that confidence comes from BN3TH. It’s what’s beneath that counts. Our underwear generally comes in 3 lengths; trunk (3.5” inseam), boxer briefs (6.5” inseam), and full length (awesome for under snow pants). Our collections are in 3 main categories, Breathe, Move, and Relax, for every stage of your day.

Our Entourage collection is made with 100% post-consumer recycled bottles, plus it’s super soft, moisture-wicking, durable, and breathable. Then we’ve got our TENCEL™ Modal products which are manufactured in an environmentally responsible process, with fibres originating from sustainable wood and pulp sources. The fabric is even certified compostable and biodegradable. Along with its botanic origin, they’re insanely soft, and have enhanced breathability, moisture management and color retention.

Q: What makes underwear comfortable? Why is it important for underwear to be comfortable?

A: It’s a multiple of different things you have to get right in order for underwear to be super comfortable. First, it’s the silky soft fabric featured in Breathe and Relax styles, the second you touch it you already feel comfortable. Most importantly in getting underwear comfortable would be our fit, our attention to detail placing every seam, every heat-seal or tag away from any sensitive areas that would cause irritation or chafe especially in our Move styles.

Then the highlight of all our underwear goes to our patented 3-dimensional pouch that’s the key to making BN3TH so comfortable. It provides support and separation that keeps the boys feeling great all day.

Q: You’ve patented MyPakage Pouch Technology. Could you tell us something more about it?

A: Sure. We were the first to create underwear with a 3-dimensional pouch, and the patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™ remains the key to our uniquely supportive fit. Our Pucker Panel allows the pouch to do its job, with its uniquely ergonomic fit under the body. BN3TH engineers underwear and base layers that keep you comfortable for full days on the mountain, on the water, in the gym or in the office.  

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: So much! We’re always working on new designs, but we’re super stoked about our new 2-in-1 DYAD shorts that combine the ultimate workout short with a built-in performance boxer brief in a single breathable waistband. We’ll have plenty more to show off soon!

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