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BOSS Audio Systems Combines Experience, Passion, And Customer Support To Bring A New Level Of Value To The Audio Market

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Below is our recent interview with Xin Hamilton, VP of Marketing at BOSS Audio Systems:

Xin Hamilton

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like BOSS Audio Systems?

A: BOSS Audio Systems is a 30 year old heritage brand that mixes audio expert engineering with customer driven support, offering more than 1000 car, marine, and power sports products to a market demanding high quality sound at a fair price. Today’s customers require state-of-the-art features and technology in their cars and since the average car age is over 11 years old, the best solution to upgrade a car is to improve the stereo. Just because you have an older car does not mean you can’t have great audio and connectivity, and BOSS Audio systems is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of today’s aftermarket customers for both audio and connected technology at a fair price.

Q: How does BOSS Audio Systems fit into a competitive marketplace? What sets you apart?

A: Price, quality and customer support. We believe everyone should be able to upgrade their car for better sound and better connectivity without breaking their bank. Our price point is clearly a winner when compare to other industry competitors. This doesn’t mean we sacrifice a bit on the quality. With in-house acoustic, design, mechanical, and electronics engineers we develop innovative products that respond to market demands with agility and quality. We are confidence in our products by providing great warranty and support. A lot of times for this industry, it’s the installation process that throw off the product experience. When we look at today’s modern consumers, there are lot of DIYs by learning through videos or tutorials, therefore, we are working hard on expanding our local customer support team and building more content to enable our customers to enjoy the experience of customizing their vehicle.

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Q: What types of products do you offer?

A: BOSS Audio Systems has 4 different product lines, covering car audio, Elite high-end components, marine gear for boats and power sports such as ATV’s and motorcycles.

For the car audio we offer everything from head units to sub woofers and have a wide range of speakers, amps, tweeters and much more. We carry just about anything needed for aftermarket car audio.

For our Elite line as well as our Marine Products we have in-dash units, amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers and our Power Sports covers products specifically designed for ATV’s and motorcycles.

We’re especially pleased to offer the LXA series this year, which is a next level smart product line for cars that includes Amazon’s Alexa Built-In.

Q: You’ve recently announced the LXA5 – Alexa-enabled smart media platform for the car; could you tell us something more?

A: BOSS Audio Systems’ LXA5 (pronounced Lexa5) is among the first aftermarket products to offer a true multitasking smart media platform for the car, enabling users to interact with Amazon Alexa and access native cloud & local entertainment features. In addition to Alexa, LXA5 sports the new BOSS user-friendly GUI with fully-embedded Bluetooth technology, allowing users to make calls, stream music, and more via their smartphone connection. The LXA5 also works with existing backup cameras and steering wheel audio controls for a safer drive.

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Q: What does the future hold? Where is the company headed?

A: From product perspective, our focus this year is on our new LXA series, which brings consumers a line up of Alexa-enabled hands-free technology, ranging from dongles to multitasking head units. With next level smart design, the LXA series will focus on bringing #nextlevelsmart technology to the car audio market.

On top of the LXA series, we are expanding our powersports plug & play product line to include a better user experience, allowing more people to enjoy quality audio with an easier installation process.

To stay competitive in today’s omni-channel environment, we’ve also hired on a group of talented innovators and will be adapting new technologies to keep standing out in the market.

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