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Brandcast Raises $13.9 Million To Help Marketers Build Websites Without Having To Write Code

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San Francisco based Brandcast has recently announced $13.9 Million in Series A funding for its code-free website platform with the vision to make code-free creation of websites a new enterprise standard. Below is our interview with Hayes Metzger, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Brandcast:


Q: What is Brandcast? Could you tell us Brandcast’s startup story?

A: Brandcast was created in response to exciting trends that were changing the way people were interacting with technology, content, and brands. Mobile, social and the growth of the web were forever changing the way people communicated and brands were expected to have more fresh content than ever before. The most popular legacy CMS systems at the time were built before iPhone, Android, Facebook, Twitter or Wifi Hotspots. With extensive backgrounds in design, marketing, and enterprise technology, the Brandcast team came together to empower the web design community as it transitioned into this new era.

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Q: What makes Brandcast’s platform unique in the market?

A: Brandcast entered the market with a platform unlike anything agencies and enterprise marketing teams had ever seen. First, the completely cloud-based infrastructure meant a new kind of platform with unprecedented speed, scalability and control. Second, the completely SaaS-based business model meant lower total cost of ownership, less risk, and more predictability when budgeting for web projects. Finally, focusing on the web designer rather than the developer meant there was finally a code-free website platform capable of accommodating large enterprises.

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Q: Who are the main users of your code-free platform? What are the biggest benefits for them?

A: Brandcast accommodates the workflows of large brands and agencies, with a focus on the web designer. The entirely cloud-based design studio gives designers a powerful, yet familiar environment to design beautiful working websites in less time than it used to take to do a mockup. The simple collaboration features allow each team member, from marketing to management, to contribute seamlessly in real-time without creating bottlenecks or technical roadblocks.


Q: You’ve recently announced a $13.9 million Series A funding round; what’s your next step?

A: We are lucky to work with some of the most amazing brands in the world like Lowe’s, Colliers, and New York Fashion Week and plan on expanding that footprint in order to keep up with demand. Everything we do, including fundraising, we do in order to reach more brands and help them leverage the web to connect with their digital audience. Follow Brandcast to stay current on all the great platform enhancements and new Brandcast-powered websites that will be going live as we continue to develop.

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Q: How does the future look like for Brandcast?

A: Brandcast is on a trajectory to fundamentally change how the web is created. Giving web designers the speed, scale, and control they need to make their dreams a reality will not only let our brands drastically improve the way their digital marketing teams operate, but it will make the web a much better place for everyone. The future of Brandcast is to provide the means by which a new generation of designers and brand managers make a bigger, brighter future for the web.

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