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BRIDGEi2i Drives Digital Business Transformations Through Impactful Data-Driven Analytics Solutions

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BRIDGEi2i is a trusted partner for enabling data-driven business transformation in enterprises by leveraging advanced analytics, domain expertise, and Artificial Intelligence-powered technology. BRIDGEi2i enables businesses to contextualize data, generate actionable insights from complex business problems and make data-driven decisions across pan-enterprise processes. Co-founder and CTO of BRIDGEi2i Analytics, Pritam Kanti Paul, talks about the company’s journey:


Q: BRIDGEi2i has been in business for about six years. What is your primary goal as an organization?

A: BRIDGEi2i is in the business of partnering with enterprises and enabling them to drive data-driven business transformation. In the current technological landscape, there is a strong correlation between ‘business transformation’ and ‘digital transformation.’ Considering the rapid advances in technology and rising customer expectations, businesses take the digital route to continually optimize their operations, improve customer experience, and explore new digital business models – BRIDGEi2i enables that transformation.

Fundamentally, digital transformation begins with data. An enterprise embarks on a digital transformation journey when it has the ability to leverage different kinds of data, analyze the data to derive actionable insights and create business impact with these insights. And this is where BRIDGEi2i comes into the picture; we empower enterprises with our strong Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and analytics capabilities.

Q: Please tell us more about digital transformation and its impact on businesses?

A: The digital transformation wave is sweeping the business landscape, and enterprises are trying to capitalize on the opportunities and get their house in order for the disruption this wave is about to bring. This trend will have a significant impact on the way companies drive key business outcomes, namely customer experience, operational effectiveness, and new digital-focused business models. The rapid emergence of AI technologies is proving to be the game changer for enterprises in accelerating their digital transformation journey.

For example, for a sales organization, digital transformation refers to re-engineering and creating transparency around the entire sales forecasting process to increase forecast accuracy over a period of time. Digital transformation is also about enabling your workforce to drive better decision-making and value.

To elaborate, empowering a sales rep with an analytics platform that tells him or her which clients are more likely to convert or what exactly to pitch to which client is transformation from the operational effectiveness standpoint. This kind of sales enablement is possible with an AI-powered platform capable of analyzing historical data, registering all the learnings from the data, and generating predictive insights to improve the decision-making process.

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Q: Could you tell us about BRIDGEi2i’s product offerings that can enable this transformation?

A: BRIDGEi2i works with many Fortune 500 companies globally and solves business problems across functions such as sales, marketing, supply chain, risk, and HR. Our key products include an AI-powered sales enablement suite, 360-degree customer experience management platform, personalized recommender system, and model governance and monitoring solution.

Sales Decision Engine (SDE) is our AI-powered sales enablement platform that offers complete visibility and control over various sales processes and delivers actionable insights for better decision-making. SDE integrates with CRM systems seamlessly and can be customized for a wide array of business requirements.

Sales Decision Engine

ExTrack platform that provides 360-degree insights on customer experience, analyzing quantitative and unstructured information from multiple customer touch points. The platform acts as an accelerator to develop a customized application for tracking customer experience related issues as well as correlating experience with business results.

S-Reco is our proprietary decision engine that leverages a combination of advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to make intelligent and personalized sales recommendations. Sales representatives can use its recommendations to have intelligent conversations with store owners and achieve higher conversion rates.

– our flexible, end-to-end model governance and monitoring solution – offers complete control and visibility over model performance and health with in-depth monitoring metrics. The solution incorporates governance workflows to manage models across the entire lifecycle, from development to retirement.

bridgei2i-end-to-end model governance and monitoring solution

Q: There is a lot of noise around artificial intelligence (AI), in the technology space. What is impact of AI on businesses and people. What is the future of work?

A: With growing R&D investments and increasing application areas, AI has become a major focus area for a large number of enterprises worldwide. I think AI is all about making analytics processes invisible such that the end-user can focus solely on business outcomes rather than worrying about data and analysis.

Earlier, analytics entailed a considerable amount of data crunching work by humans. People were using only a few forms of data and doing most of the ‘learning’ on their own. Now, the analytics and learnings are handled by AI-powered tools, while the end-user simply acts based on the recommendations offered by the tools. These tools do all the heavy lifting, and the human benefits from the data-driven insights with minimal effort.

As for the future of work, AI will facilitate data-driven transformation in two ways:

1. Assisting humans with decision-making
2. Making decisions independently on behalf of humans

An example of AI-assisted decision-making is our sales enablement platform — Sales Decision Engine — which makes recommendations for a sales rep to act upon. On the other hand, an online recommendation engine on a retail website that suggests relevant products to consumers is an example of AI acting independently. In my opinion, these facets of AI will define the future of work.

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Q: What separates BRIDGEi2i from its competition?

A: Most analytics vendors today focus on skill augmentation in analytics. However, business requirements have been changing lately. Nowadays, more than analytics problems, businesses have started approaching us with their business problems. As an organization focused heavily on digital transformation and disruptive innovation, BRIDGEi2i helps these businesses operationalize analytics to streamline operations and drive value in every stage of analytics operationalization.

What differentiates BRIDGEi2i is its ability to transform businesses with its innovative AI2i framework. We provide all our customers with an ecosystem of:

1. Best in class capability – in areas such as Data Engineering, Strategic Analysis, Personalization, Optimization, Data Decision Engine and Analytics Operationalization
2. Custom Business Solutions – With deep rooted domain expertise across industries, BRIDGEi2i’s solutions are customized for specific business function and problem
3. AI Labs – BRIDGEi2i’s AI Lab continuously focuses on developing solutions to solve new business problems
4. Technology Accelerators – Pre-built customizable solutions to ensure faster time-to-market

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