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Brighterion Announces Expanding Into Cyber-Security, Financial Markets And Drug Discovery

Brighterion offers deep and broad portfolio of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, providing real-time intelligence that matters from all data sources regardless of type, complexity and volume. Brighterion’s products are built by using cognitive computing platform, a combination of the world’s most comprehensive artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that learns, predicts, infers and makes intelligent real-time decisions. Below is our interview with Dr. Akli Adjaoute, founder & CEO at Brighterion:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Brighterion?

A: Brighterion offers the world’s deepest and broadest portfolio of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, providing real-time intelligence that matters.

Brighterion’s platform is data agnostic, allowing it to be successfully applied in: anomaly detection, preventing fraud and data breaches in real-time, detecting money laundering, automating trading, preventing and detecting cyber threats, optimizing targeted marketing, and accelerating the drug discovery process.

Brighterion has won enterprise-wide acclaim for its technological leadership, and has received multiple awards for our best-in-class technologies, including: the Fraud Innovation World Series Award, the Payment Security Product Excellence Award and the Best Analytical Solution Award.

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Q: What advantage does Brighterion have over its competitors?

A: Rather than being programmed to anticipate every possible scenario or relying on predefined rules and structured queries, Brighterion’s general purpose Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform powered by our revolutionary Smart Agent technology performs 1-to-1 behavioral analysis of every entity. When you truly know your customers, users, employees, and audiences, not by generic groups, but by their unique behaviors, your ability to successfully protect, serve, and market to them is unlimited.

Q: Brighterion combines 10 cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies; tell us something more about your proprietary technology?

A: Brighterion’s continuous adaptive learning identifies changing/evolving behavior, works with any data format, type and volume, works in real time and has unlimited scalability.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your software?

A: Brighterion’s revolutionary technology requires no expensive database or data-warehouse, can be implemented on inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware and can go live in 2-6 Weeks.

Q: What can we expect from Brighterion in next four months?

A: We are excited to be expanding our market penetration into cyber-security, financial markets and drug discovery.

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