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Brilliant Directories: Launch Beautiful Online Directories Without Any Programming

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Brilliant Directories is a hosted directory software which enables website directory owners, entrepreneurs and private organizations to publish directory-driven websites easily. Designed to provide a recurring revenue stream to any business, the Brilliant Directories system includes advanced reporting, easy to use CMS, a fully integrated CRM, a seamless SEO Center and Payment Processing through it’s multi-language, international solution. Below is our interview with Jason Haloossim, Co-founder and CEO of Brilliant Directories:

Jason Haloossim

Q: Brilliant Directories was founded in 2009. How would you describe Brilliant Directories in your own words?

A: Brilliant Directories is a Software as a Service that gives anyone – businesses and individuals alike – the opportunity to launch their own directory- and membership-based websites without the need for any programming. We even provide free hosting for all of these websites so that everything you need to successfully manage your website is all contained under one roof.

With seven years of development now under our belt, we’ve been able to fine-tune our content management software and lead the industry in providing intuitive, easy-to-use website management tools.

Q: You’ve recently announced integration with Bootstrap and the ability for developers to create fully-customized websites themes, tell us something more?

A: Bootstrap is now the most popular HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites so we knew we needed to incorporate it into our software. For our customers, this means that their websites are 100% mobile-friendly right out of the gate. This is incredibly important for both user experience and SEO now that up to 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices.

Any changes our customers make to their website will beautifully transition to any screen size. This functionality truly rounds out the Brilliant Directories platform which includes advanced reporting, a fully integrated CRM, easy to use CMS, and a seamless SEO Center and Payment Processing solutions – essentially everything you need to succeed in your industry.

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Q: With your new Bootstrap Directory Theme, you’ve removed all roadblocks and given full control to users over the design and functionality of the software, could you explain it?

A: Because our software is now entirely based on Bootstrap, our customers can completely customize their websites using our point-and-click design options – all without having to write a single line of code. This makes designing your website remarkably easy and fast, regardless of your age or website development skills. Our goal with this was really to make designing your website so easy that even your parents or grandparents could it.

However, our platform also caters to those of us who happen to know HTML, CSS, PHP, and Bootstrap. More often than not, a typical CMS will only give you access to certain aspects of your website or make you dig through countless subfolders to find the file you need to edit. As developers, this practice drives us crazy. That’s why we give you full access to the frontend source code so that you can customize everything from your website design to page layouts and more.

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Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing plans?

A: Our pricing is very competitive and we have packages that suit just about everyone. Our three main packages are the Starter, Business, and Premium plans. These packages provide you with suitable features based on your needs, with the Premium plan giving you access to all of our software’s features. These packages are payed for via monthly or yearly payments and include FREE hosting.

For those who know for certain that Brilliant Directories is what they need, we offer our Full License Plan which gives you access to every feature of our software for a one-time payment. You get the software license and free hosting for life.

As if the Full License Plan wasn’t enough, our last package is the Directory Discount Club. This club was designed for developers and domainers. Once enrolled, you’ll get over 75% off each time you launch a new site and of course, free hosting for life.

Lastly, we also offer handsome discounts for students, nonprofit organizations, and military personnel.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are now beginning to publish educational material and resources for all kinds of website owners. Our goal is to explore the limits of social media and multimedia to help as many businesses as possible, whether they are Brilliant Directories customers or not. We want to help everyone succeed and we’re doing so by posting tutorials and marketing tips on our YouTube channel as well as hosting regular webinars to engage with website owners and help them prosper.

But of course we will continue to listen to the wants and needs of our customers. Our implementation of their suggestions help ensure that Brilliant Directories is the best software available for managing directory- and membership-based websites.

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