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Brosix – Highly Secure, Enterprise Instant Messaging App For Business Use

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Founded in 2006, Brosix strives to enable organizations to benefit from innovative instant messaging and other Internet communication technologies. Brosix recently announced the release of the newest version of its enterprise instant messaging app. Below is our interview with Chris Bibey from Brosix:


Q: What makes Brosix unique and different?

A: There are many things that set Brosix apart from the competition, however, security is the name of the game in our book. We understand the importance of safety, security, and privacy in today’s online world, which is why we dedicate more resources to this part of our business than any other. We want our clients to feel secure in their communication.

Q: You’ve recently announced the release of the newest version of your personal and enterprise instant messaging app, tell us something more?

A: We added a variety of new features to Brosix Version 3.7.5, but “broadcast message” is the one that truly stands out. This makes it simple for users to send messages to groups within their contact list, simultaneously. Along with this, we have added updated our themes and added passive mode for plug-ins.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your software?

A: Brosix is a highly secure, enterprise instant messaging tool that provides features specifically designed for business use. Through our software, users have the opportunity to create, run, and manage their own instant messaging network, providing employees with the ability to communicate in real time.

Q: What can we expect from you in next six months?

A: As always, we are looking forward to releasing another version of Brosix, which users can expect sometime in 2016. We can’t share too much information right now on new features, but we have listened to our clients, as always, and are excited about what is to come. What we can say is this: we are currently undergoing massive changes of our communication protocols, as this will allow us to bring many exciting new features to the platform. Furthermore, we are also working on new mobile versions for iOS and Android.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Brosix apps?

A: In short, there are three primary reasons companies should use Brosix, as opposed to competitors: security, affordability, and a long feature list. If affordable, secure enterprise communication is what you want, we have plenty to offer.

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