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Busch Systems Launches Resource Center, A Recycling Management Software

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Busch Systems is the manufacturer of high-quality recycling products and the creator of collection analytics software. For over 30 years the company has been offering sustainable and stylish products that contain a minimum of 35% recycled content and raising awareness about the importance of recycling. Below is our interview with Mandy Bortolussi, Public Relations Manager at Busch Systems International Inc.:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Busch Systems?

A: Busch Systems has been a leading designer and retailer of recycling and waste containers for over 30 years. Our mission is to support waste diversion with leading edge products and services while also striving to decrease our own environmental footprint. We wanted to offer an end-to-end solution to ensure our clients sustainability goals are met from product to consultancy to reporting & analytics which led to the development of the Resource Center.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of innovative waste and recycling analytics software program; tell us something more?

A: About ten years ago, our CEO and Founder, Craig Busch, had the idea to create a website that would act as an online database for all things recycling. He wanted people to have a reliable place to go to get answers about collection – without having to search through multiple listings from search engines and therefore potentially ending up with conflicting information. Since Craig first had the idea, Busch Systems has gone through tremendous growth and it wasn’t until two years ago our Marketing Department could really focus on the project. From a technical side alone, most of the algorithms were designed solely for this software so needless to say, the new Resource Center is everything Craig originally wanted but so much more!

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of The Resource Center?

A: The primary function of the Resource Center is to provide statistics on diversion rates and showcase the breakdown and composition of recycling streams, net costs/savings and decrease of environmental impact based on volume of collection. It is designed to track at the station level, therefore, an organization could potentially track only one bin to several hundred, divide by department or building and be able to compare results accordingly. The layout of the Resource Center is purposefully engaging to appeal to the beginner to advanced user across all business sectors. It was important to keep the program user-friendly as the more data the user inputs – the more accurate the tracking results will be.

Additionally, the Resource Center boasts a library of information which includes current recycling facts, e-books, articles on sustainability and a “Recycling for Kids” section. There are custom choropleth maps that show national sustainability successes and other specific tools that will help the user to start, maintain or grow their collection program.

However, the main and most exciting advantage to the Resource Center is that it is a free application!

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Q: What are the main challenges of manufacturing recycling, waste and compost containers right now?

A: The variation from county to county, state to state and even country to country on what can and cannot be recycled is extraordinary. Our challenge is always to design containers that can be customized by such factors as configuration, color, signage, volume, material or any combination of the latter. But by doing so, it allows us to appeal to customers regardless the level their program is at or how many collection streams they need to manage.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The Resource Center will be constantly evolving and changing as it receives data so its future is bright and will be exciting to watch. As for our product line, we’re always developing new ideas for collection so you’ll have to wait and see what we come out with next!

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