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CafeX – Helps Companies To Transform Digital Engagement

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CaféX is a software developer of real-time engagement solutions for websites and mobile applications. CafeX powers contextual collaboration for mobile and web platforms in an Omnichannel environment. In just a few lines of code, organizations can embed live video chat, file share, co-browse and use other personalized engagement features. Below is our interview with Sajeel Hussain, CMO at CafeX:


Q: CafeX powers apps with live engagement, tell us something more about the company?

A: CaféX was established in 2013 by Rami Musallam (current CEO) and David Jodoin (current CTO) as a spin-off of Thrupoint’s software business. The company was founded with the mission to create advanced software solutions that enable businesses to transform customer experience and mobile workforce engagement across multiple channels, including video, voice, mobile, web, IVR and other touchpoints. CaféX employs over 90 people spread across locations in the US (New York and Boston) and UK (London and Cardiff).

Q: How can CafeX help organizations to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty?

A: CafeX powers real-time engagement in mobile and web apps to help organizations provide more personalized customer experiences. Through our technology, customers can engage using their preferred mobile and web devices and modes of communication (such as voice, video, and co-browsing), without being hindered by ‘friction’, such as the need to download plugins or invoke standalone communication clients. Expanding engagement options beyond the old Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems empowers customers to choose when and where they want to engage, their preferred device, and using interactive features that simplify the entire engagement experience.

Furthermore, using real-time analytics and contextual collaboration features, in-app interactions can be correlated with the user’s profile, online activity, or other digital context, to route the customer to the most appropriate specialist, ensuring continuity throughout their journey. This ‘context passing’ enables agents to resolve customer issues more quickly and effectively as well as cross-sell or upsell relevant solutions.

Simplifying and personalizing engagement experience not only improves customer satisfaction, it also has a direct impact on closure rates and first call resolution efficiency in the contact center.

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Q: Tell us something more about your products?

A: Live Assist (In-App Collaboration):

Live Assist® from CaféX provides real time voice and video support within a mobile app or web application. Live Assist has a simple API and an agent console to facilitate functions such as document and link push from the agent to customer, agent and customer co-browsing, application screen share, agent remote control of a customer’s application, and agent annotation/drawing on the consumer’s user interface. These capabilities can be added with as few as two lines of code.

With Live Assist, an agent can not only see an online visitor’s web or mobile application screen through remote screen sharing, but can temporarily take control to navigate for the visitor, draw on his or her screen using a simple pen tool, as well as push links, pictures and documents from a relevant knowledge base to the visitor’s screen.

When combined with the personal nature of one-way or two-way video communication, or even just a voice-only connection, these tools help facilitate communication and dialogue to ensure fast closure rates and increased customer satisfaction.
Live Assist assures that contact center agents and customers have consistent experiences across websites, and native iOS and Android mobile apps.

WebRTC for Enterprises (In-App Voice and Video):

WebRTC is a browser-based protocol that enables voice, video, and other engagement methods to operate within the web-browser. This technology virtually eliminates the need to open new windows and stand-alone applications, or to download plug-ins to utilize different channels of communication. CaféX provides businesses with an easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports all major web browser and mobile (iOS, Android) platforms. The SDK enables developers to easily embed HD voice (Opus) and video (H.264 and VP8) collaboration within apps, while connecting to existing SIP-based call control platforms for voice connectivity. In addition, the solution provides the necessary audio and video transcoding, impaired network handling features, and real-time end-to-end media security, along with firewall and NAT traversal functions.

CaféX solutions can be implemented within an enterprise data center or through a cloud service. The solution is highly scalable and can operate on dedicated servers or be virtualized to add flexibility and resource efficiency.

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Advanced Integrations:

CaféX has developed integration solutions for many market-leading contact center, collaboration, and communications platforms to enable the sharing of relevant data across multiple channels and systems. The foundation of this capability is a context bus which facilitates a holistic, omnichannel customer journey across digital touchpoints. Through the context bus, call notes, browsing history, and contextual information from other engagement channels such as chat, email, or IM, are shared across all systems, providing the identical contextual data to mobile applications, web applications, the contact center, and trusted third party platforms. The context bus provides a key link into the contact center, ensuring session correlation for continuity across channels, proper routing within the contact center, and actionable analytics, while providing agents with deeper context for every interaction. The context bus correlates information from all channels, enabling effective tracking and continuity even if customers switch communication modes.

For example, a user could dial into a toll-free phone number, bypass the IVR with an application alert on their smart-phone, and then engage in a video and Live Assist session with an agent. Contextual customer information can be passed to the Automated Call Distributor (ACD) for intelligent routing and screen pop. From mobile and web applications, a range of specific information can be relayed, such as the phone number, customer login, recent browsing history, type of device being used, service provider or carrier and location. Using the wealth of contextual data, the system will connect the customer to the agent with the most appropriate skill set to address their needs.

Fusion Application Server (FAS):

The Fusion Application Server (FAS) provides applications deployed on the platform with high availability and scalability. FAS is optimized for conforming to the SIP Servlet 1.1 (JSR 289) API and operates as a clustered software solution comprising a number of elements that serve distinct roles within the cluster. These elements can be distributed over a network of machines, or they can all be installed on single server.

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Q: Could you explain advantages of your WebRTC for Call Centers solution?

– Simplifies a “Mobile First” approach for customer engagement with support for leading mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and native integration with mobile apps – CaféX was among the first to market with mobile SDKs based on WebRTC.
– Supports real-time communication (voice, video) within all major browsers, plugin-less for WebRTC compliant browsers (plugins for IE and Safari).
– CaféX was first to market with a WebRTC to SIP interoperability service, providing integration with existing enterprise unified communications and contact center infrastructures, thereby futureproofing existing investments.
– Agents can use a web console to co-browse with customers, see and control their app screens, annotate, and share documents and links via CafeX’s advanced Live Assist® technology. Agent consoles can be embedded into popular contact center agent desktops and CRM platforms.
– Co-browsing is supported on tablet devices as well as web browsers through unique technology that eliminates inconsistencies often present when agents and customers are using different platforms.
– Developer friendly platforms and easy-to-use SDKs enable the addition of embedded collaboration functions in web and mobile apps with as little as 1-2 lines of code.
– Field-proven signaling, media, and protocol capabilities that interconnect popular business SIP infrastructure and endpoints, providing efficient transcoding for audio and video media as needed.
– Powerful contact center connection templates for Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys platforms to facilitate CTI integration with ACD solutions.
– Context-aware technology to pass user profile, online activity, geo-location and other data to contact center platforms, enabling contextual call treatment, such as IVR bypass, skills-based routing, session correlation, proper queuing, etc.
– Cross-channel escalation or switching with context preserved (e.g. web chat to video call) and aggregated analytics.
– Flexible architecture (on-premise, hosted, managed), flexible pricing (perpetual, subscription), flexible server options (VM, bare metal).

Q: What can we expect from CafeX in the future?

A: A key priority for CaféX is to simplify the consumption model for both partners and customers. Accordingly, we are focused on delivering packaged offerings and app integration tools that enable companies to procure and overlay our technology quickly and cost-effectively. This model is particularly relevant for the commercial market, for which repeatable, high volume offers that leverage economies of scale are more attractive. Of course, we will also continue to support the custom requirements of large (G2000) enterprises through flexible solutions optimized for heterogeneous environments. Furthermore, developing and nurturing communications channels, as well as creating synergies with next generation customer experience providers, will form the cornerstone of our growth strategies. We are focused on building the CaféX brand with these audiences, as well as key vertical markets, such as financial services, insurance, and healthcare.

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