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Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice: Proud to serve those who serve!

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Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice proudly serve over 2,500 agencies throughout North America by delivering market driven public safety software and jail management solutions for its clients. Below is our interview with Cristina Ortenzi, Senior Director of Marketing at Caliber Public Safety & Justice:

Cristina Ortenzi

Q: Cristina, how would you describe Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice in your own words?

A: Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice (“Caliber”) is a strong and secure, modern day melting pot of extremely talented individuals who are industry, regulatory, and domain experts in the public safety software arena. Their shared 75 years of experience and expertise brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to Next Generation technological innovations. By bringing seven successful businesses together and placing all products and services under one roof, Caliber gained the benefit of greater scale, enabling us to leverage the best-of-the-best into our flagship offerings and provide an expanded scope of services to our clients. We are Caliber Public Safety and Caliber Justice, proud to serve those who serve!

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Q: What is your core competence?

A: Our core competence is public safety software. It’s the only thing we do; it’s not a sideline or hobby. Our mission is to provide and support public safety software solutions focused on improving situational awareness, officer safety, and community outreach. We are committed to creating reliable software with unique information sharing ability that provides instantaneous access to critical, relevant information across multiple agencies. Our duty of care is to deliver the highest caliber products, services, and support to the public safety community and the citizens they serve and protect.

Q: What advantage does Caliber Public Safety have over its competitors?

A: In today’s budget conscious environment, Caliber offers both on-premise and hosted solutions, giving our clients valuable options to match their budgets. If a cloud solution is of interest, Caliber can provide hosting in a CJIS secure data center operated by our Nlets strategic partner. Agencies will have the assurance of a superior software solution housed in a trusted and secure environment. And, in order to keep up with ever-changing technology, Caliber offers flexible options for deployment of our software on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. More importantly, we strive to develop and nurture long-term relationships with our clients and stand by a “Software for Life” policy, helping to protect the investment agencies have made in their law enforcement software.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your software?

A: Our public safety solutions have been implemented in facilities nationwide for the past 30 years. Our clients range from large to small agencies, providing a variety of entry points into modern computing options for federal projects, departments of corrections, state police installations, multi-agency consolidations, multi-state data sharing initiatives, and small-town emergency service projects. Caliber’s flagship products include Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Solutions (RMS), Offender/Jail Management Solutions (OMS/JMS), Mobile, and State Repository.

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Q: What can we expect from Caliber Public Safety in next six months?

A: You can expect great things! Developing extraordinary products requires excellent R&D, teamwork, and talent. We have all three. Caliber’s products are designed with the latest technology, keeping in mind the current trends in the market. Caliber is fortunate to have a very forward-thinking team dedicated to organic initiatives – over the next six months this team will continue to examine industry trends and act on them to create a roadmap for in-depth interaction with our clients. We also take our clients’ suggestions to heart; many current projects are based on client input. Our goal is to provide the best tools available, so our clients can continue providing exceptional service to their citizens and communities. Any changes/additions in product offerings and/or services will only make our products more competitive and of greater value.

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