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Calibre – Start Tracking Your Websites and apps Performance

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Startup Calibre tracks and analyses how long your pages take to load, how big or small your pages are becoming as well as browser scroll performance. Here is recent interview with Ben Schwarz, creator of Calibre app:

Q: What is Calibre? What was your inspiration for developing it?

A: Calibre analyses web sites/apps and records many aspects of front-end performance and quality using a custom telemetry suite that’s underpinned by Google Chrome browser and other best practice tools.

My inspiration for starting the project over a year ago came from my daily consulting and training work for companies of all shapes and sizes who were making the same mistakes.

No matter how resourced or skilled a team is, people make mistakes, and they have crazy constraints… And well, performance / maintainability of those projects slips and suffers.


Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: Right now the major focus is shipping the application to all of my super patient beta users. The response to Calibre launching was far bigger and more positive than I even believe after working on the product for 6-8 months.

Q: How long did it take to put together Calibre?

A: The first commits on the the repositories for the project show July 13′, but I know for a fact that I’d started prototyping and testing months before that. There’s a long road ahead, but the passion and belief for Calibre only grows stronger.

Q: What was technically the most challenging part of developing it?

A: Ah, everything really. Until you try to analyze literally hundreds of sites with your tools, you’ll never realize how broken the web is. Browsers sure are resilient and very forgiving! It’s taken a while to harden up my analysis tooling, but there hasn’t been anything that I was unable to shake out pretty quickly so far.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Calibre?

A: Calibre is both affordable and useful to teams of one right up to large corporates and teams building web apps. Think of it as someone on your team who monitors every aspect of your front end performance on every deploy (or daily), writes everything down and notifies you and your team when they need know something has gone awry.

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