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Canada’s Health System A Perfect Fit For Savience Technology

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Below is our recent interview with Roger Everitt, CEO at Savience:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Savience?

A: With its roots in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Savience is focused on transforming healthcare delivery through innovative digital technologies and, in particular, optimizing the patient journey and experience.

Canada has quickly emerged as a key market for Savience, amid a general willingness to embrace technology to drive improvements in efficiency, care outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Q: Why do you want to change the face of healthcare?

A: Healthcare is at a crossroads as demand for services has never been greater. The unimaginable pressure on staff, resources and finances is pushing many health systems to breaking point.

Only a profound transformation of business and organizational activities will solve some of the current issues. New digital processes offer an enormous opportunity to deliver step change and a fundamental shift in focus. Optimizing the patient journey, creating operational flexibility and an agile organization able to continually adapt to fluctuations in demand, will deliver stark improvements in efficiencies to maximize resources and save money.

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Q: How do you help your customers? How are your solutions making a difference?

A: Savience’s applications are ideally suited to Canada’s changing healthcare landscape, with the emphasis now on connecting health and social care and putting patients at the center of the whole care process. All of this requires digital technologies to connect teams to improve outcomes and deliver a mix of home and community care options, including virtual consultations.

With Savience, the care process starts and ends at home. It gives patients, for instance, access to make, cancel, change and confirm appointments using any PC, tablet or smartphone device. This alone is shown to decrease the number of missed appointments or ‘no shows’ dramatically, resulting in huge savings.

It frees clinicians to focus on care and time to plan clinical workflows, which removes pressure on them and makes the whole patient journey much smoother.

With digital access to personal health information, patients can navigate the health system, find health information and interact with care professionals. With the right tools, patients are known to take ownership of their health and wellbeing and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Q: Any new developments you can tell us about?

A: Other recent innovations include patient self-streaming in emergency departments. With departments facing unprecedented demand, there is no capacity to cope with surges, creating further delays and putting extra pressure on staff and already stretched resources.

Several NHS hospitals have turned to Savience to fix the problem. Check in kiosks are now used to capture vital information to stream the ‘walking-wounded’ for urgent assessment or divert non-urgent cases to more clinically appropriate resources.

The benefits are enormous. Being able to quickly identify high risk patients requiring time-critical interventions is a boost to patient safety. Reduced waits for triage and treatment has improved clinical effectiveness, along with the ability to cope with sudden spikes in demand. And, there’s much less pressure on staff.

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Q: What is on the roadmap for Savience moving forward?

A: The company will continue to develop its outpatient appointment solutions, encompassing apps, portals, secure messaging, queuing and wayfinding technologies.

Properly connected care depends on good communication, with care professionals working as one coordinated team irrespective of where the care is provided.

With this in mind, Savience is continually innovating to meet these new challenges, including virtual care solutions. A key focus is on ‘light touch’ technologies that will easily integrate with existing systems.

One product that gives Savience a real edge is its Clarity integration and database application to securely connect any hospital or EHR system with a myriad of new digital applications quickly and without the need for expensive and protracted integration projects.

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