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Capital Way Provides Software That Values Transparency, Partnership And The Sharing Of Success With Every Investor

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Below is our recent interview with Bella Reed from Capital Way:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what you do?

A: Capital Way offers an automated software, programmed over the forex market (EUR/USD) and bitcoin, that has generated an average of 7% monthly. But besides for what we publish on our ads and website, a software with absolutely no human intervention, trades taking place 24 hours a day 5 days a week catching every opportunity the market has to offer, and overall a safe and stable investment, we have chosen to focus on another main factor, and that’s our service. Service to every extent of the word.

Capital Way caters to each individual, accepting every person who is interested in investing for the long term, with no previous knowledge or experience in the field needed. Our software is just the tool for both the simple mums or dads looking to generate a higher returns than the mere 1% annual return the banks offer from their hard-earned savings, to a top businessman with no time in his day to sit and study market movement, pay attention to signals, and carry out stress-free trades.

In addition, each client receives their own personal account and senior account manager, available to speak on the phone, through emails or even WhatsApp, making them reachable at any time, and there to answer all their questions.

And finally, what built this company up and made it into what it is today, what we pride ourselves with, is our famous principle of a Win-Win Platform. This policy, in short, assures the client that we are not interested in the fees from deposits and withdraws, we’re not looking to make our money from spread fees or swaps. Rather, we have made it our number one interest to assure that our clients are profiting, because only when the client profit, we profit, and that’s about the only commission we have.

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Q: What are the advantages of automated trading?

A: Automated Trading comes along with a vast amount of advantages, a list that can go on forever. The most important one, however, making auto trading stand out and shine above all, is the little requirement needed from the investor. On many occasions, people are held back from investing due to their lack of knowledge on the market, such as when and how to open or close trades, how to recognise a pattern, or simply how to react when reading important news.

When trading with an automatic software, you have not a worry under the sun. No stress, no fear, no emotional trading. Ignorance really is bliss.

Q: What is The Capital Way Algorithm? How does it work?

A: Capital Way’s algorithm is a sophisticated and complex mathematical equation, built by some of the finest mathematicians and market experts, with the outcome of programming the machine to trade with the comprehension of a professional trader and the skills of a robot.

The software is designed to work on behalf of the investor and to overtake where human capabilities stop. As humans, it is physically impossible to work 120 hours straight without a break, without sleeping, time to eat, drink, etc. A software has none of those needs and therefore triumphs the human when it comes to trading.

The software is programmed to detect both fundamental and analytical data, catching all opportunities the market has to offer. A team of market and software analysts is constantly on board assuring that the software is running at top speed and precision, and to assure that nothing will go wrong.

Q: Is there a risk when it comes to trading in the forex and capital market?

A: Regardless what market you’re invested in or trading over, there is a risk. The markets are an unpredictable investment, especially the foreign exchange market. Approximately 5 trillion dollars are traded over the forex market a day, and within that, thousands of people are losing their investments daily.

The key to a safe investment is a clear mind and a low risk percentage. Of course this requires skill, patience, and money to invest, something that not all traders have. When you look at the market and see an opportunity that can double your account within a couple days/ weeks/ months, you must also understand that a single extra second of that trade open, you can lose all the profit you just made plus a part of/all your initial investment, but who’s focusing on that?

Thats why, here at Capital Way, we fixate on trading safe than sorry. Our risk of ruin stands at a 0.01%, meaning that we are almost sure that we will be profiting at the end of the month, even if its only a percent or two, yet still a profit!

The international company, ‘Myfxbook’, follows the company’s software and publish some statistics too. There you can see our risk-reward ratio and other statictics that can confirm that we take ‘a close to none’ risk when generating profits for our clients.

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Q: What’s next for Capital Way? Do you have plans to grow, expand or diversify?

A: With loads of new ideas in the air, many on paper, and others just a couple of days away from being shared, Capital Way has a long way ahead before we begin to even think of resting. Just this April we finally began working with a new software programmed on the bitcoin, which has been achieving approximately 10% of our profits every month. With the software perfected, we have hopes of doubling our monthly returns without effecting our risk percentage at all.

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