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CapLinked – Secure Solution For Managing Deals And Sensitive Projects

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CapLinked is a cloud-based platform for managing complex deals and sensitive projects. It’s intuitive platform makes it easier to manage and close sensitive business transactions. CapLinked has received $5.9 Million in venture capital funding. List of investors in CapLinked includes 500 Startups, Peter Thiel, Siemer Ventures, Indicator Ventures, etc. Below is our recent interview with Kirk Gale from CapLinked team:

Kirk-GaleQ: CapLinked enables clients to manage deals and business transactions in the cloud, tell us something more about the company and your solutions?

A: CapLinked is useful for anyone who needs to either maintain security around sensitive documents or needs to easily share documents online with third parties.

Q: What is your core competence and main differentiator?

A: Our core competences are security and ease of use. Our main differentiator is that unlike many of our competitors, we use no plugins or extra software. CapLinked also offers proprietary watermarking and Digital Rights Management (DRM), called FileProtect.

CapLinked – Secure Solution For Managing Deals And Sensitive Projects

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Q: How CapLinked Works?

A: CapLinked works by allowing clients to post and share documents securely in the cloud. For instance, a financial firm were assisting in a sell-side deal, they could create a workspace and make several different groups such as Internal, Legal, Prospective Buyers, and Bankers. They would be able to make those groups have variable permissions – or in other words, some groups could see certain files that others could not.


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Q: You’ve launched recently a new tool – FileProtect, could you tell us something more?

A: If documents need to be kept confidential, CapLinked administrators can activate FileProtect, CapLinked’s proprietary Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution. FileProtect works on both Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF File types. Once activated, FileProtect will require users to login with their CapLinked credentials before viewing the downloaded documents. Administrators can revoke access or set a date at which access will be revoked — meaning that if a member has already downloaded the file, it will no longer be viewable.


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Q: What are your plans?

A: CapLinked takes customer feedback very seriously. We use feedback to shape our development schedule. We are always striving to make the product more accessible, more easy to use, and even more secure.

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