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Car Loans Of America Is A Subprime Lender For People That Have Bad Credit And Would Like To Purchase A Car

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Below is our recent interview with Shalem Banderas, from Car Loans of America:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Car Loans of America?

A: Car Loans Of America is a subprime lender for people that have bad credit and would like to purchase a car. We can help people that are turned down by other lender and we can speed up the process on the loan that they need. At Car Loans of America we provide car loans for people that are looking to purchase a pre-owned or a new vehicle.

Q: What information would someone need in order to apply for an auto loan?

A: Customers will need to apply knowing the amount of the vehicle that they want to purchase and they will need personal information such as social security or ITIN number to verify their credit.

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Q: But what about a bad credit?

A: There is a lot of people day by day trying to obtain a car and applying with different lenders that they won’t qualify them because of their bad credit. At Car Loans Of America we can help them!

Q: What are the advantages of auto loan car financing with you?

A: We can lend people with bad credit obtain their car financed at any time.

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Q: What is the mission that guides you?

A: At Car Loans of America, we consider our customers as kings in charge of their desires. We can give you a bad credit auto loan anytime, any day with our efficient auto loan process. Car Loans of America bad credit auto financing covers bad credit auto loans on all vehicle types. Car financing through an auto loan has never been easier!

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