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CD2 Learning – Delivers Modern Approach To Content Management And Online Training

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CD2 Learning offers a comprehensive set of tools for learning, talent and content management. Through CD2, even specialty industries have an LCMS solution designed to fit their specific training needs. CD2’s professional services and structured implementation helps optimize the curve, from user setup to user certification, with the platform being available on both desktop and mobile devices. To find out more about their platform we sat down with Becky Sterling, Chief Sales Officer at CD2 Learning:

Becky Sterling

Q: Becky, how would you describe CD2 Learning in your own words?

A: We often say CD2’s Learning and Development Platform is different by design. We started by redefining “content” not as a finished product, but as granular building blocks. Then, our platform was designed as a single scalable solution with built-in course authoring & content management, learning management, and talent development capabilities – including the ability to gamify your learning and incorporate social collaboration to enhance learning outcomes. The most exciting result of this innovative solution is the flexibility it provides our clients, along with the value it contributes across the enterprise, helping organizations align learning and development with their strategic plan. Through CD2, even industries with highly specialized training have an LCMS solution designed to fit their specific needs!

CD2 platform supports the people development needs

Q: Can you give us more insights into your solutions?

A: The CD2 platform supports the people development needs of today’s evolving organizations and the modern learners they support. Today’s workforce is self-driven, demanding learning and development that is easily accessible – anytime, anywhere and on any device. In short, today’s modern learner demands actionable microlearning. To best engage employees, learning must be motivating and rewarding. The self-motivated modern learner is resourceful. They can find their own learning, then share it with those in their network, receiving credit for their efforts. CD2 supports these individuals with content curation and social learning, which can be tracked and recognized through leaderboards and digital badges.

Our clients will tell you that one of our strengths is our comprehensive suite of built-in HTML5-based content authoring tools and drag/drop templates. These tools allow users to build interactive lessons and simulations or assemble multimedia, documents, html and social media content to create online courses. Content is tagged and cataloged in our content management system (CMS) for easy search and retrieval. The CMS allows administrators to curate libraries of quality content, which may be shared based on roles & permissions. Each content object or asset is reusable across courses and learning tracks – content may be used in collaborations or to build resource libraries for individuals, teams or organizations. Additionally, change management across content assets is a breeze with our embedded version control capabilities.

CD2’s simulation builder, course builder, assessment engine, and course/lesson/document builder (including mobile app) are all designed for ease of use. With all this being created in the same system from which it is delivered – the number one benefit is the ability for granular tracking and analytics.

CD2’s platform provides organizations with a learning and development solution which is easy to use and empowers them to change the way their members, customers, employees and constituents learn and grow.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using CD2 Learning?

A: I think it’s important for your readers to know that since 2008, CD2 Learning has worked with a wide variety of organizations to support talent development. The CD2 co-founders, having built and sold a successful online training and assessment business, shared your frustrations with conventional systems. Our goal was to design a platform flexible enough to allow you to quickly and easily create, deliver and track (and protect) your intellectual property/customized content. More importantly, you can select the needed capabilities to build the right solution without the complication of unnecessary components or integrations.

We recognize evolving learning and development needs and our award-winning platform keeps pace by continually developing tools and capabilities to meet the needs of both L&D professionals and individual learners. This top-down/bottom-up approach allows organizations to develop a culture that has real impact on overall success.

Learning and development departments are no longer a support function. They are at the forefront of an organization, with a major responsibility to attract and retain the highest qualified talent. They often give new employees their first impression of the organization, so it is important to make it a positive one. With tools to support the employee life cycle, our platform allows you to develop and deliver an engaging onboarding program to help new employees feel welcome. This includes tracking employee progress and social collaboration opportunities among various members of the organization. This support continues throughout the employee life cycle with performance coaching, career tracking and planning, and more.

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Q: What have been some major milestones over the last 12 months?

A: Over the last 12 months, CD2 has focused on communications. We’ve had many updates/improvements to the social collaborations and also to in-system messaging that provides a campaign style email capability for administrators and managers. We have also updated learning-related components by improving our course builder and gamification. At the close of 2016, we initiated facelifts and improved workflows for both user administration and the resource library.

Q: What can we expect from CD2 Learning in the future?

A: We are excited to outline out some of the innovations we’ve been working on. In the future CD2 will offer a self-service model to meet the needs of clients who want to start with a “lite” platform and scale to add components as their needs grow. We’re also adding more capabilities to our mobile app. Currently our app allows users to take courses, collaborate with others, or capture and curate content to share or save in a personal library. We have new features for managers and reporting in the planning stages and finally, our reporting and analytics will continue to receive updates and new features to help our customers define ROI for their investment. We are always look to our customers to see what challenges they face and then designing solutions to those challenges helps to determine our future direction.

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