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ChannelEyes Reinventing Channel Communication For Leading Companies

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ChannelEyes has built the world’s largest mobile channel acceleration platform for Vendors and their Channel Partners. ChannelCandy – ChannelEyes’ core product drives new levels of engagement and sales enablement for agents, resellers, dealers, and sales teams.

Here is our recent interview with Jay McBain Co-Founder and CMO of ChannelEyes:

Jay-McBainQ: ChannelEyes was founded in 2011, could you tell us something more about the company?

A: ChannelEyes is an Enterprise Mobile Platform connecting Vendors and their Channel Partners. Our core product, ChannelCandy, is a custom branded mobile app designed for Vendor, Distributor and Associations to deliver Channel highlights, analytics, company news, and sales tools into the hands of Partners. We power over 90% of the partner apps in iOS and Android stores today.


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Q: You’ve recently announced a new round of product add-ons for your mobile app customers, what are man improvements?

A: The ChannelEyes platform is purpose built for the channel. With communication, tools and motivation modules that are designed to drive better engagement and more sales through partners. This release, code-named “Mohawk”, focused on three improvements.

First is the user interface, which has been completely rethought to take advantage of additional of new and larger phones as well as deliver a beautiful experience to partners.

Second is an add-on called “Missions”. Missions will also help to increase engagement by assigning tasks to partners, new and old, to see the work as it happens and produce faster results. The goal is to update and refine the already proven channel acceleration application. Missions represent a new way to think about partner engagement. Rather than simply publishing content, training, and other collateral, vendors will be able to set up specific personalized tasks for each channel professional in their ecosystem.

Third is a new tablet and desktop version. We have always strived to be device agnostic and this new version introduces new functionality for tablet (iPad and Android) users as well as additional desktop and Internet Explorer compatibility.


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Q: What can we expect from ChannelEyes in next six months? What are your plans?

A: With over 400,000 channel partners now using the ChannelEyes platform, we are collecting some really interesting transactional and behavioral data. Our customers are looking for ways to leverage “big data” to better forecast, benchmark and grow their channels. Getting deeper insight via data science is a new and emerging field and we are well positioned to provide business intelligence and advanced data analytics to our customers. Watch for an announcement of “Optyx” coming soon!

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