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Chasity Bowman, CEO Of Hoop University: We Are Bridging The Gap Between Athletics And Academics In A Way That Has Never Been Done

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Below is our recent interview with Chasity Bowman, CEO at Hoop University:

Q: What Is Training (Skill Development) To You?

A: Basketball skill development is my purpose. I have so much passion for helping athletes become better people and better ball players than they were the day before. Without training there is no me. There is no Hoop University. Hoop University is more than just a business or a way to make money. It’s a ministry. It’s life changing for me, my staff, and all of our athletes that we train.

Q: What Made You Want To Become A Trainer Vs A Coach???

A: As a player I experienced many political incidents that I was not fund of. For example, losing my starting position because I was short to a taller player whose ability to get the job done was unheard of. At the time, I allowed those incidents to hinder my growth and development as an athlete because I didn’t know how to appropriately respond to them. I always knew that I would grow up and give back to the game of basketball; but I promise myself while doing so that I would never participate in the game of politics. Believe it or not; it’s doable. It’s just mind over matter.

Being a skill developer, I not only get to help athletes get better; but I don’t have to worry about making political decisions doing so. None of my athletes feel left out or are upset with the decisions I make as a trainer. They all are given the same opportunity and time to learn and get better. That’s what’s imperative to me. That’s what matters most. It’s not about the wins vs the lost or pleasing the parents and/or athletic programs at Hoop University. It’s purely about developing the player as a person FIRST and as an athlete SECOND!

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Q: What Are Some of The Challenges You Face As A Trainer?

A: PRICING. I always wondered what to charge in order for my business to be profitable, for me to live comfortably, and to be affordable to my clients. From time to time I run into potential clients who feel I am too pricy. They want FREE training. Particularly, the African American community. In all honesty, I love my people, but we have to do a better job of investing the right things into our children. We don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, and Video Games but the needful things; we make excuses for not buying. Therefore, I am set in stone when it comes to my prices; especially since I know I offer a great service for every dollar spent. There are some exceptions where I will scholarship athletes but they have to be hungry, discipline, and willing to work. I just remember to never give to the point that it hurts me and my business when it comes to pricing.

STAYING IN SHAPE. Most of my clientele are young men. I am truly blessed to be in trusted to train them. Due to the fact that men are so athletically incline; I have to stay on top of my game. I have to stay in shape, eat right and remain a player to keep up with today’s talent. I love it. I learn something new daily and get better as a trainer and athlete. I love to eat too. Sometimes staying in shape is hard to do.

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Q: What Is Next For Hoop University?

A: So much. We are definitely bridging the gap between athletics and academics in a way that has never been done. If basketball is the ‘game of life” then how can we as skill developers separate the two? Athletes are not jocks and/or dumb. We just learn differently and it’s time that we as teachers speak their learning language.

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