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Chicago Steak Company – A Company Of Choice For Steak, Seafood, Prime Meats, And Decadent Desserts For Foodies Across The US

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Below is our recent interview with Matt Crowley, Vice President of Chicago Steak Company:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Chicago Steak Company?

A: Chicago Steak Company is a Chicago-based purveyor of USDA Prime steaks, seafood, and other meats that are selected, cut, and curated by expert butchers. Founded in 2007, Chicago Steak Company is known first for its distinguished steaks, such as USDA Prime Dry Aged Steaks, which are dry aged for 28 to 40 days in a temperature-and humidity-controlled environment to ensure rich, abundant flavor. The company also delivers locally sourced seafood, as well as fine cuts of chicken, turkey, steak burgers, pork, and ribs.

Here at the Chicago Steak Company we ships these gourmet meats in a vacuum wrapped, flash frozen package that is placed inside a gift box with a unique registration number to ensure quality control. The boxes are placed inside reusable coolers with dry ice to so they will remain cold until arrival.

The customer experience is enhanced by information found at the company’s Website, This site is a robust, feature-rich resource for virtually any topic related to procuring, storing, preparing, cooking, and grilling steak, seafood, and other meats. Two of the most notable areas are Steak University, a resource for steak enthusiasts that offers cooking recipes, educational articles, tips, nutritional information, and product instructions; and Steak U TV, a collection of videos related to preparing, cooking, and serving steak and seafood. These resources reflect the founder’s belief that education is key to enjoying steak, seafood, and other meats to the fullest.

Chicago Steak Company beat seven of America’s top steak purveyors to win the “People’s Choice” award in the Great Steak Debate, a competition hosted by Iron Chef Marc Forgione at American Cut Restaurant in New York.

Chicago Steak Company is the company of choice for steak, seafood, prime meats, and decadent desserts for world’s finest 5-star restaurants, Fortune 500 companies, chefs, and backyard grill masters.

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Q: What types of products are available in your shop?

A: We specialize in Wet aged USDA Prime (the top 2-3% of beef in the United States). We also offer Upper 1/3 USDA Choice, Kobe-Style Wagyu, and also several Dry Aged options. In addition to these gourmet steaks, we have Certified Maine Cold Water Lobsters, Tails, and other gourmet seafood items available at our sister brand:

You’re dedicated to bringing your customers the very best in beef; what really makes it the best?

It really does start with the beef. By hand-selecting only the very best cuts of beef (USDA Prime represents the top 2-3% of beef in the US) that provides the foundation of a great steak experience. We then age that beef 28+ days. It’s that aging that really allow the steak to develop a rich & delicious flavor while also tenderizing the beef. Our artisan butchers then cut each steak by hand, before we flash freeze and vacuum seal each steak to lock in that buttery flavor. Each order comes with an individual registration number to ensure excellence. The result: the Ultimate Steak ExperienceTM.

Q: What makes you different from other online steak providers?

A: Here at Chicago Steak Company we offer the Ultimate Steak ExperienceTM. The way we do that is by focusing on 4 areas of distinction: Grade, Aging, Hand-Selection & Hand Cutting, Individual Registration:

Grade: Some online steak providers chose to offer grades of steak less than USDA Prime or USDA Choice. These steak offerings may be more affordable but do not carry the distinct flavor, marbling, or texture. Chicago Steak Company only offers USDA Choice and USDA Prime steaks.

The highest grade you can buy, USDA Prime beef represents only 2% of all American beef. Described by the United States Department of Agriculture as “The ultimate in tenderness, juiciness and flavor”, it is a coveted designation that any beef seller would be proud to boast. However, because only a small portion of all US beef earns this grade, and demand for it is so high, many beef sellers are unable to offer it. More than likely, if it’s not labeled USDA Prime – it’s not. USDA Choice is the second highest grade assigned to beef that has slightly less marbling than USDA Prime.

Aging: How do you take a great steak and make it exquisite? You age it! Aging meat is a process that breaks down a steak and makes it more tender and flavorful. Meat is placed in special, temperature & humidity controlled refrigerators that are carefully monitored. The meat ages in this environment while its natural enzymes break down the steak. There are two types of aging – Wet and Dry.

Wet Aged Beef – The wet-aging process is carried out with the meat carefully packaged to prevent oxidation. These bags are then placed into coolers for “wet aging” before the beef is finally cut and packaged. This extra time (in a controlled atmosphere) allows the fibers of the meat to begin to break down and reach an extra level of tenderness. Because wet-aged beef isn’t exposed to air (like its dry-aged counterpart), it doesn’t lose as much moisture through evaporation; and the result – delicious, flavorful and tender meat.

Dry Aged Beef – The dry-aging process begins in a strictly controlled temperature and humidity level–where beef ages for approximately 28-40 days. During dry-aging, two things take place. First, the additional aging time allows the breakdown of fibrous tissues and second, the monitored atmosphere causes evaporation–meaning that the meat loses its moisture. As moisture decreases and the meat consequently shrinks, the remaining flavor intensifies. Because of the extra time and the shrinkage of the meat, dry-aged beef commands a significantly higher price than wet aged beef does.

Hand Selection & Hand Cut: It really does start with the quality of the beef. Even within the USDA Prime and Choice grades there are differing qualities. Variations in marbling, texture and color are just a few of the variables that can affect flavor and tenderness. We carefully select our beef from the top of the grade to ensure that we are delivering on our promise of excellence.

Individual Registration: Each perfectly aged steak is individually vacuum sealed and placed in our attractive gift box. These boxes are then placed in a reusable cooler packed with plenty of dry ice to keep it frozen during shipment. Every order is individually registered with its own unique registration number – guaranteeing uncompromising quality. The care that we put into each package ensures that every order is well received, whether given as a gift or simply as a way to treat yourself.

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Q: What can we expect from Chicago Steak Company in the future?

A: We are always listening to our customers and their feedback drives us. It’s why we created Maine Lobster House ( just a few months ago. And it’s why we are exploring adding on some additional steak items like Grass Fed options and heat and serve side dishes.

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