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Chicago Steak Company – A Premier Provider Of Gourmet Dry Aged Beef, USDA Prime Steaks, Seafood And Desserts

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Below is our recent interview with Matt Crowley, Owner of Chicago Steak Company:

Q: What’s your story? How did your company come into being?

A: In 2007, Chicago Steak Company was founded with world-class customer service and educating customers in mind. Today, Chicago Steak Company offers the Ultimate Steak Experience™ by featuring USDA Prime steaks that are selected, prepared, and cut by expert butchers. The company is known first for its distinguished steaks, such as USDA Prime Dry Aged Steaks, which are dry aged for 28 to 40 days in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment to ensure rich, abundant flavor. Chicago Steak Company has also earned a reputation for delivering locally sourced seafood, as well as fine cuts of chicken, turkey, steak burgers, pork, and ribs.

In addition to providing the world’s best steaks, seafood, and meats to 5-star restaurants, Fortune 500 companies, chefs, and backyard grill masters, Chicago Steak Company is dedicated to supreme customer service and education. This commitment is evidenced by the resource-rich company Website, easy auto shipping, exclusive offers and rewards program, and myriad convenient payment options.

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Q: What is dry aging process? How does it work?

A: Dry aging meat is an old artisan art of preparing beef for optimal flavor. The meat is placed or hung in temperature and humidity controlled freezers. During the process of dry aging the muscle is broken down by the beef’s natural enzymes which cause the steak to be more tender and toothsome. A crust forms around the meat, which usually gets trimmed off. Additionally, its distinct flavor and aroma is obtained in this process. Many dry-aged beef lovers compare its taste to that of blue cheese with nutty undertones. You can dry age beef for a long amount of time, ranging from fifteen to a whopping hundred days (though the effects of dry aging start taking effect on the meat usually around eleventh day).

Q: If you could start all over again, what, if anything would you do differently?

A: Better utilizing Social Media & leveraging our customer base. We have an incredibly loyal customer base and learning how to better leverage their enthusiasm about our brand & products on social media could help us spread the brand more effectively. It’s not something lost on us, however. We are engaging in those efforts now, but if we could have started that earlier it certainly would have been better.

Q: What are your most popular holiday gift items? What makes you steaks perfect for gifts?

A: Filet Mignons, Ribeyes and Boneless Strip, and Sirloin steaks are by far our most popular sellers. We have a gift assortment with those cuts grouped together (it’s appropriately named the Chicago’s Best Seller) and it’s our best selling item during Holiday Season and year around. Our steaks are perfect for gifts because the recipient is only receiving top 1/3 USDA Choice or USDA Prime steaks that represent the top 2% of beef in the U.S. Plus, our steaks come in a classic black and gold gift box.

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Q: What’s the best thing about your steaks that people might not know about?

A: Our steaks are award winning! We were invited to compete in the Great Steak Debate hosted by Iron Chef Marc Forgione. He flew in steaks from the nation’s top purveyors of meat for a blind taste test in his American Cut Steakhouse in New York. 120 panelists voted our steaks the best and we took home the People’s Choice Award as a result. It goes to show that our steaks truly deliver the Ultimate Steak Experience!

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