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Ciao Group Announces Name Change To NuMelo Technology

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Ciao Group, Inc. is a company currently engaging in provision of telecommunications products and services. Their recent growth and pending name change to NuMelo has a goal of discovering and developing innovative technology for the emerging and frontier markets around the globe. Below is our interview with Aubrey Brown, CEO Chairman and Majority Shareholder of Ciao Group, Inc.:

Aubrey Brown

Q: How would you describe Ciao Group in your own words?

A: The Company has just recently announced a business refresh. We’ve been in the frontier and emerging markets for some time, specifically in Brazil. And I’ve been with the Company for a number of years, but in an advisory role on behalf of some key shareholders in the Company. As part of the recent transition, I’m now the CEO. By the way, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and I’m also the majority shareholder. Instead of just focusing in Brazil, we’re expanding our focus to all emerging and frontier markets. And instead of just building a niche telecommunications application, we’re developing partnerships and acquisition opportunities within emerging and frontier markets. The Ciao Group name is changing in conjunction with our business plan refresh to NuMelo Technology.

We’re going to source, acquire and invest in telecommunication upstarts local within frontier and emerging market regions where the service will be provided. We’ll create local jobs and local tax revenues. What the large telecom providers are failing to win in premium prices, we’ll exceed in volume. It’s a simple, socially responsible and highly profitable plan, and we have the attention of some notable Silicon Valley investors.

We’ve already signed two LOI’s to acquire telecommunication innovators in Brazil, one of which is pending the finalization of an actual acquisition. And we just singed a third LOI in Kenya to acquire a mobile virtual network operator billing and provisioning software solution.

In addition to key investment attention, we have the attention of the United Nations. We’ve met with UN officials in Kenya and we are scheduled to meet next month with UN officials in Mexico.

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Q: What have been some major milestones over the last 12 months?

A: As is often the case in early stage companies, not all plans go as planned. The former management team’s business plan ran up on the rocks. We’ve spent the last 12 months refloating the business plan and setting a new course. We’ve updating all the reporting requirements and are now current with the OTC Markets disclosure standards. We’ve published a new website that reflects our refreshed business plan – And we’ve signed three acquisition LOI’s in conjunction with our refreshed business plan. We’re currently interviewing audit firms and law firms to take the company from the OTC Markets to NASDAQ.

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: We are concentrating on development within Latin America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. Specifically, we have the three LOI’s previously mentioned with two in Brazil and one so far in Kenya. We have a developing opportunity in Colombia and another in Mexico. And we’ve got our eyes on a specific opportunity headquartered in Singapore with clients all over Southeast Asia.

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Q: What makes Ciao Group unique and what is the company’s long term potential?

A: The response from emerging and frontier market governments, and the response from the United Nations to our plan to finance and develop local technology and telecommunication providers has been tremendous, if not overwhelming. There is no shortage of able bodied and sharp minded technology and telecommunication talent within the world’s frontier and emerging markets. We find much of that talent has been educated and garnered work experience in the United States and Europe and then returned to their home country. The combination of talent, government support – remember, telecommunications are highly regulated – and NGO support is a winning equation. The frontier and emerging market technology and telecommunications sector is fragmented and underserved with huge growth opportunity. In short, it’s an investor’s dream opportunity. We’re just willing to get on the planes, trains and four-wheel drive vehicles required to source, vet and manage the opportunities most usually discounted as being in Katmandu or Timbuktu, but overlooking both of those are real places with underserved mobile phone and internet users. Ciao, soon to be NuMelo, is an entirely new kind of company. The world has a population of 7 billion and only about 1.2 billion live within developed economies. That leaves a big underserved market for NuMelo to grow into.

Q: What milestones can investors expect over the next 12 months?

A: Milestones worth paying attention to are imminent. It’s time to start paying attention to our Company now. The first acquisitions are around the corner with more to come. Posting our first revenue is also just around the corner. Upgrading our transparency and securities compliance resources and practices to achieve NASDAQ uplift standards is in process and anticipated to be in place within the next 12 months. An expanded management team and board will come with our upgraded transparency and securities compliance practices.

I like to believe Ciao is one of those rare opportunities investors look to the OTC Market to find – the yet unrealized and undervalued diamond in the rough on the verge of being recognized as a gem of an opportunity that in turn produces the kind of rewards that bring the next generation of OTC Market investors looking for the next Ciao-like opportunity.

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