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Cintamani Group Provides Revolutionary Approach To Leadership Development And Organizational Transformation

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Below is our recent interview with Ngan Nguyen, CEO of Cintamani Group:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Cintamani Group?

A: We are a coaching and consulting firm that offers a revolutionary approach to leadership development and organizational transformation. Bringing together strategy consulting expertise and leadership development tools, in addition to awareness, consciousness, and empowerment tools, which create an effective and holistic approach to success for our clients. This comprehensive offering helps our clients achieve their results in the fastest amount of time – enabling the acceleration and amplified positive effective within their lives, organization, and industry.

Q: Ngan, tell us more about your background. What were you doing before Cintamani?

A: Growing up in post-war Vietnam, and experiencing all the adversities that come with that instability, I developed a deep appreciation for overcoming circumstances and creating a better world by improving ourselves and inspiring others to be their best. My family immigrated to the United States when I was seven years old. At 16 years old, I was homeless after leaving home to avoid a challenging situation.

When we are pushed to our limits, we find out what we’re made of. I quickly realized that if I wanted to stop being a victim of my circumstances, I needed to create a new reality for myself. I decided to transform my experiences into wisdom, resilience, and bravery, and that decision changed my life.

At that time, I had a longing for more – more meaning, growth, and purpose. Eventually, this longing drove me to enroll in night school, graduating, and building several successful start-ups in renewable energy while working on my MBA. This journey led me to a rewarding and exciting career in strategy advisory. Through this, I worked with business leaders of Fortune 100 companies and at McKinsey & Company.

Over ten years in an advisory role with major companies allowed me to develop an expertise in strategy. Combining this with my love for personal development and people coming together to create something beautiful that inspires and benefits others, I built a coaching business working with entrepreneurs, change-makers, and leaders to empower them to create what they desire most in their lives, and in the world. Helping people who dare to question their realities step back into their power and create the extraordinary results they’ve longed to experience.

My background is in the corporate world and my passion is people coming together to create something beautiful to inspire and benefit others. Bringing these two loves together, I built Cintamani Group that brings together brilliant business strategist and passionate leadership coaches to empower organizations to achieve their mission and create their vision in the world using the principles that have been proven in my coaching business. Now I’m continuing to run these two businesses and can see that there are synergies that can be leveraged down the line to further innovation and leadership.

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Q: How do you help professionals solve their most pressing challenges?

A: Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

The main program that we offer business leaders is the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Program. This program was recently named one of the top three advanced leadership development programs in the world. It unlocks and unleashes a leader’s full potential so they truly become the best leaders and people they can be.

This unique coaching process and mastered blueprint delivers this by igniting and strengthening a leader’s inner-core and outer-core. Building core leadership skills such as communication, team leadership, strategic thinking in addition to aligning them with vision, core purpose, and strengthening natural gifts, so a leader can step more fully into their talents, awareness, and full potential. This approach empowers leaders to create sustained greatness and a lasting legacy in their lives and for their organization.

Key distinguishing points of the intelligent leadership executive coaching program:

  • Established – Recently named one of the top three advanced leadership development programs in the world. This model was used by Steve Jobs, and the former CEO of PepsiCo, Roger Enrico.
  • Accredited – This unique, powerful, and game-changing blueprint for success, is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Research-based – This program includes teachings on powerful success principles developed by the Life Mastery Institute, the premier transformational coaching school, after 50 years of study on the lives of some of the most successful business leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs today.
  • Leader-oriented – Since 2010, this blueprint, created by John Mattone, the authority on Leadership Coaching, have been used by leading executive and CEOs all over the world to help them become stronger, more impactful and vibrant leaders and people.
  • Return on investment – Proprietary LeaderWatchTM stakeholders to quantify progress against individual development targets ensures a return on investment.

Cultural Transformation

We also work with organizations to help them transform & build their culture. Aligning company processes, leadership, and people with the company mission so that the business can move forward more cohesively, enabling them to more effectively and efficiently deliver on their targets and thrive.

Our holistic, people-centered approach builds on cultural strengths and makes people central to the solution; providing tailored programs for companies. We understand the challenges and complexities involved in developing and sustaining a high performing culture in a competitive marketplace, and we are experienced in helping companies deliberately and effectively change their culture when business needs dictate.

Q: What are the benefits of working with Cintamani Group?

A: During my career, I saw the profound value of good leadership and found the need to create a service that inspires leaders to achieve their next level of potential, but the question is how. There is a profound value of distinctive culture and leadership to inspire people to work together to deliver an organization’s mission and goals.

As a leader, it’s not only our job to inspire and achieve goals, but also to find solutions and create impact, so I decided to create a company leveraging all available knowledge, including holistic approaches, that enables companies to measure success with a different and more fulfilling metric: the ability to achieve mission and purpose.

Unfortunately, leadership is sometimes only associated with company targets, goals, and ROIs. The truth is, a leader has more influence over productivity and success than a fancy and expensive marketing campaign. Poor leadership could be costing the company more than they know.

To lead is a delicate balance of give and take. People can only give and receive as much as they are, and that is why more than ever, investing in leadership development for an organization is so important.

Revolutionary leaders who embrace their inner power, along with supporting their teams, can transform cultural and corporate barriers to create unimaginable impact and success. A company lead with humanity cultivates change, and good leadership is about what you can bring back to your team, your company, and the world. Stepping into your power and challenging yourself every day, is the only way to create change and change is precisely what organizations and the world needs.

Cintamani Group brings together brilliant business strategist, leadership coaching, along with research-based success principles from all modalities to empower the people in the organization to become their best.

When people can be their best within a structure that supports their growth, there is no limit to what can be achieved together, and this is what we are continuously striving to work toward — seeking the best talent, skills, and principles to deliver to our clients.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I would love Cintamani Group to become a leading firm in leadership development and organizational culture, bringing the most innovative and practical principles to our clients and being a partner with organizations for them to fulfill their mission and vision in the world.

In my other coaching business, my vision is for it to be an entrepreneurial accelerator with comprehensive services and full suite offerings that empower my clients to more easily create their highest vision in the world, enabling them to do what they’re meant to do in the world.

Down the line, I would like to share the synergies between these two businesses. Bring together the skill sets and services that my entrepreneurial clients have to major corporations to further innovation and entrepreneurship while creating opportunities for their businesses. All the while, advancing transformational leadership, corporate culture, and global innovation.

Ultimately, Cintamani Group will be a brand with multiple segments, and what we develop will be driven by the needs of our clients and what will serve our overall mission and vision.

It is a blessing and a joy to be able to bring this work into the work, and I believe there is a lot of collaboration and wonderful things to be created here.

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