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If you’ve ever worked with audio or video files, at some point you thought – how convenient would be if you could search it. The good news is – with Clarify – you can. Using Clarify’s API, one call is needed to send the media and metadata, and just one call more allows you to search both metadata and the words spoken in the given media. Paul Murphy, CEO at Clarify, shares more details about Clarify below:

paul-murphyQ: Clarify gives developers access to audio and language processing technologies via a simple API, could you tell us what are the biggest benefits of using it?

A: The biggest benefit is finally being able to do something with recorded audio and video.

Today, the most developers can really do is play audio and and video files back.  Something as “simple” as searching the content is impossible.  Our API solves that problem very elegantly.  One call allows a developer to send us media and metadata, and another allows the developer to search not only the metadata, but all the words spoken in the media.  We don’t just return the list of matching documents, we return the location of the match.  In the case of media, we do that with sub-second precision.

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Q: What was technically the most challenging part of developing it?

A: Bringing science from the laboratory to the real world.

There are lots of audio and language processing technologies out there.  You’ll find them in academia, government labs, and even commercial labs.  They’re complicated, probabilistic, and not easy to consume, unless you’re an expert in the field.  Figuring out how to make those technologies consumable to the average developer has been our biggest challenge.

Ironically, the things that most people would consider difficult, like the signal processing and API design, we have a pretty easy time with, because we have scientists and engineers on staff who’ve been working on those for decades.

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Q: Who is your ideal customer? What is the response to Clarify so far?

A: Our ideal customer is a developer who has a mountain of audio or video data and needs to do something with it!  But really, any developer producing or managing media is a great customer.

At the light end of the spectrum we have people capturing and indexing occasional meetings.  Super-high value to be able to find what people said.  At the other extreme we have banks that record all communication.  When the regulators ask them to find conversations about “x”, their only options are to use a technology like ours, or hire a room full of people to spend months listening to all the recordings. The second option is expensive, slow, and not very scalable.

The same is true on the video side.  Developers are solving problems for consumers and big media networks.  One thing that really surprised us is how much content some individuals have accumulated.  One of our developers has 4TB of videos of his kids.  It was just sitting there, but now he’s working on a side project to make sense of it all.

The response to our platform has been amazing so far.  We have over 400 registered developers and we’ve only been in production for a few weeks.  It’s pretty clear we’re addressing a big need.

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Q: Do you have any new features in the pipeline? What are your plans?

A: We have tons of features in the pipeline!  I can’t talk about most of them, but you can expect to see keyword and topic retrieval added to our API before long.  Also, today we’re only processing English content, but our staff is surprisingly well-traveled, so we realize that people speak other languages :-)

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