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Clinerion Revolutionizes Patient Recruitment

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Basel, Switzerland-based Clinerion has come to the forefront of EHR-based patient recruitment solutions for clinical research in less than year and a half. Clinerion’s CEO, Ulf Claesson talks to us about the company’s leading edge approach to the application of big data solutions in the field of pharmaceuticals development.


Q: Tell us something more about Clinerion and your history?

A: Clinerion is a worldwide leader in patient recruitment informatics, supporting life sciences companies and hospitals in the process of developing new medicines, where trials represent a major source of pharmaceutical innovation. Using semantic and ontology methods, our automated and scalable Patient Recruitment System radically increases efficiency in clinical research. Clinerion is a Swiss-based software and services company operating globally . Customers represent the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and public sectors, as well as contract research organizations.

Q: What is your core competence?

Clinerion’s core competence is in applying intelligent and advanced informatics methodologies to extract, interpret and aggregate information from electronic health record databases in a big data setting. Clinerion’s ontology-based approach supports data aggregation through semantic enrichment of healthcare information across healthcare institutions and geographies. In practical terms, Clinerion’s technology maps the terminologies of sponsors and trial sites to ensure semantic interoperability between them, so that trial protocols can be consistently and effectively queried across many platforms, creating one single comprehensive view for study feasibility and subsequent patient recruitment.

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Q: What are main advantages of your real-time Patient Recruitment System?

A: As PRS works on real-time data, we reduce the patient search part of the clinical trial process to minutes compared to the 3-6 months of a traditional manual search process. PRS typically identifies 30 times more suitable candidates, making the clinical trial itself more effective and higher in quality of result. This attracts sponsors and results in more trials for trial site hospitals, and consequently gives them access to more leading edge international research and innovative medicines. Patients are identified in seconds and can immediately be recruited to participate in trials.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your software solutions?

A: For privacy and security reasons, all critical processes run inside hospitals’ infrastructures and no patient data whatsoever is transferred outside. PRS reports aggregated numbers for study feasibility and site selection. Within the trial sites’ and hospitals’ secure infrastructure, the PRS Patient Finder allows eligible staff, such as primary investigators and study nurses, to identify candidate patients at their site, in real-time.

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Q: What can we expect from Clinerion in next six months?

A: From our launch pad in Europe, where we have access to more than 18 million patients, we will be expanding our coverage to more sites in North America, Asia and elsewhere in Europe.

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