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ClipCard – One Feed For All Your Apps

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ClipCard helps you find all your stuff from a single app. The ClipCard app helps you find data from across your cloud accounts and apps from a single starting place. Below is our recent interview with Melissa Gillies from ClipCard startup team:

Melissa-GilliesQ: What is ClipCard and how is different?

A: ClipCard is a better starting point. It’s a single app that lets you see across your other apps and accounts, find your stuff, and do what you need quickly.

ClipCard gives you a single feed of activity from across your apps. With one search, ClipCard can help you find a document you’re working on, a contact you need to send it to, the project you’re tracking it under, and the data that backs it up — no matter where they each live.

ClipCard helps you find all your stuff from a single app

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Q: How does it work?

ClipCard connects to your apps and accounts with your permission. We make an index of what you have, but your stuff itself stays put. We keep our index up-to-date as things change, so you can see a feed of all the most recent activity across all of your apps and accounts.


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Q: How long did it take to put together ClipCard? How big is your team at the moment?

We’ve been working on ClipCard for less than a year; our team is less than 20.

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Q: How difficult was it technically to build the ClipCard?

A: It’s no easy feat to bring together a diversity of apps and sources into a single useful experience. We’re excited to be working on the forefront of the API economy, making powerful connections across silos for users.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re in private beta now, and are looking forward to to open our beta more publicly early next year.
We plan to continue making ClipCard an indispensable starting point for everyone who relies on apps to do their jobs.

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