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CloudCodes SSO1 Brings Anti-Phishing Control, Biometric Authentication And Quick Onboarding

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CloudCodes is a cloud security solution provider, founded in 2011 with more than 200 thousand users and more than 300 customers around the world. CloudCodes SSO1 uses a preventive mechanism to prevent any incident related to security from occurring. Below is our interview with Debasish Pramanik from CloudCodes:


Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your next generation cloud security product SSO1?

A: Cloud adoption have increased over a period of time. One of the biggest concerns of enterprise before adopting cloud is security and regulatory compliance. There are two major problems that become challenge for implementing cloud, first managing identities across multiple applications and second managing security across multiple applications. The first problem is resolved through SSO/IAM solution and second is related to CASB/CSG is resolved through CloudCodes SSO1( CloudCodes uses cloud based single sign on to secure cloud applications. The objective is to provide a single platform to provide SSO/IAM and security features.

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Q: What’s CloudCodes’ story?

A: CloudCodes was founded in the year 2011. Our focus was on providing an ecosystem of products for Google Apps customers. One of our Google Apps customers came to us and shared his problem unable to control access to Google Apps outside the office. We laughed on it, as it was against the very much benefit of cloud of accessing solution anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Once we understood the problem the customer we found that it’s a common problem across verticals and they are looking simple way to restrict users to access their cloud applications from office only. This started our journey into cloud security. We then start getting more requirements about the challenges faced by customers while going cloud. We got those added as features to our product SSO1 formerly known as gControl. Over a period of time we got a solution completely complementing the Google Apps. SSO1 is a cloud based single sign on or sso solution deployed on Google Cloud Platform to provide a layer of security on top of cloud application.

One of the feature that really got everybody’s attention was consumer gmail block. When customer goes Google the url used by gmail for consumer gmail and Google Apps are same. So it’s difficult to block consumer gmail. The solution provided by Google requires capex investment. We came with a simple and easy solution for blocking consumer gmail and allowed Google Apps. This was really a game changer for us. We suddenly got attention from most of the Google Apps partners across the world including employees of Google recommending our product to their customers.

We were awarded with as League of 10 companies by NASSCOM(Software association body in India) as part of their NASSCOM Product Emerge 50. We were also awarded by RedHerring as Top 100 finalist for Asia. We also got mentioned by analyst firm Gartner in multiple reports related to SaaS Security and Cloud Security.

In May 2015 when we were about to start our growth curve we were hit by huge financial crunch which led almost to the closure of CloudCodes. Many of the senior employees were told to leave and we almost thought our dream has come to end. But with few resources at our hand we pursued our dreams. Our first objective was to achieve the sustain mode. We got fresh investment from our parent company SysTools Software. This was second round of investment after first round of angel investment made by Girard Moussa an ex Googler.

With fresh round of investments we focussed our sales, marketing and product. From product perspective we added more features to categorized us into CASB(Cloud Access Security Broker) or CSG(Cloud Security Gateway) vendor. On sales side we are focussing on US-LATAM and Europe market.

The latest version of product supports some rich features such antiphishing control, geo fencing, biometric fingerprint as additional factor for authentication.

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Q: How is CloudCodes SSO1 different from competition?

A: Most of the competitors in the cloud security or CASB(Cloud Access Security Broker) space uses audit approach where they go through cloud data using the API and determine the security violation in the system once the incident has occurred. CloudCodes SSO1 uses a preventive mechanism to prevent any incident related to security from occurring. Apart from that it also uses the API approach to determine any anomalies in the system related to security policies violation.

Q: What are the unique selling point of CloudCodes SSO1?

A: From product perspective these are the salient features of the product

  1. Anti-phishing control: To overcome the challenges faced by continuous phishing attack, SSO1 provides out of box support for restricting access to login page based on country or ip address.
  2. Biometric Authentication: SSO1 provides support for leveraging smartphones fingerprint scanner capability as an additional factor for authentication.
  3. Quick Onboarding: One of the biggest challenge faced by organisation to transition to the new solution is onboarding users to the new system. SSO1 provides a simple and quick way to onboard users to the new system. The IT team can move to the new system in a short notice.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: We are currently focussing on US, LATAM and European market. Specifically United States, Brazil, France, Spain and Italy are some of the countries where we have got some great support of local partners to sell our solution to their customers.

Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Ideally anyone with a need to Manage Access and Identity with additional layers of security to their Google / O365 (or we can say cloud) applications could be a customer. This could be applicable across any industry, vertical or segment. The companies that could benefit from it could range anywhere from small start-ups to a large enterprise with thousands of employees.

Education and Not for profit organisations have also seen benefits from the solution. There are more than 30 schools in US who are using CloudCodes SSO1 to overcome challenges faced by schools.

While the focus is on organisation with 1 to 1000 users. We are trying to create to critical mass with many success stories before we approach the large enterprise.

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Q: What is your goto marketing strategy?

A: CloudCodes GTM is completely partner centric. CloudCodes works with local partners in every region whether it is US, Brazil, Europe, GCC, Africa, APAC and India. CloudCodes has established strong partnership with partner in each geographical region. The emphasis is on creating more value proposition for the partner.

Q: What can we expect from CloudCodes in next six months?

A: CloudCodes vision is to provide its customers with a more secured access to their cloud application. In the coming days we will see more access control over mobile devices and integration with SIEM. We will also like to help users with further insights into their cloud applications and data usage.

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