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CloudMinds – Becoming The First Cloud Robot Operator In The World

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CloudMinds is a platform company aiming to become the first cloud robot operator, providing the brains and connectivity to enable intelligent cloud-based robots. Their vision is to create cost-effective robots for the average household. Below is our interview with Robert Zhang, Co-founder and President of CloudMinds:


Q: What is CloudMinds’ vision? Tell us something more about the company?

A: It is CloudMinds’ vision that, by the year 2025, helpful humanoid robots will be affordable for the average household. CloudMinds will drive this vision by facilitating ultra-secure connectivity between many artificial intelligent (AI) engines in the cloud and many future robots.

CloudMinds is a platform company aiming to become the first cloud robot operator, providing the brains and connectivity to enable intelligent cloud-based robots. CloudMinds is developing partnerships with AI companies who will be providing algorithms in the cloud and robotics manufacturers who will make the body parts, the avatars. We will maintain the robots’ nervous systems. CloudMinds role will be like the function of a switching system for robots, it will be scalable for many robots and can be utilized by any type of robot.

As proof that are our vision is attainable, CloudMinds recently secured $100 million in series A funding, bringing the company’s current funding total to $131 million. CloudMinds exemplifies the type of companies obtaining venture capital investments; we are entering a large global marketplace with a technically innovative service that could quickly position CloudMinds as the market leader.

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Q: What is unique about CloudMinds?

A: There is no technology to enable human-like intelligence within a humanoid robot. While the average human brain weighs less than 1.5 kilograms, a silicon brain would weigh over 1,000 tons! CloudMinds is solving this problem by becoming the first cloud robot operator in the world, creating an artificial intelligent cloud platform to be the brains of connected robots. Only with the cloud can robots become artificially intelligent. CloudMinds will serve stakeholders as a key player in the emerging ecosystem by operating and maintaining the connective logical fabric between the powerful AI engines and the growing multitude of robots.

Another aspect is CloudMinds’ role as an enabler of industry cooperation for the business success of our partners and other stakeholders. When we provide the connectivity between AI engine in the cloud and robots, we will be enabling the AI generating enterprises to have easy and efficient access to a far greater market; likewise, the robot making enterprises will benefit from being able to more easily be more valuable because of the intelligence their products will be able to leverage. CloudMinds will bring scalability and cost-effectiveness to markets that will enable more consumers to have family robots.

Since its inception, CloudMinds has attracted the support of a diverse set of international investors. With key functions distributed across its offices in Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Beijing, CloudMinds is attracting talent and perspectives from key innovation centers around the world. CloudMinds is a business venture that is committed to earning the trust of markets everywhere.

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Q: You’ve recently announced a strategic partnership with LEIA; Could you tell us something more?

A: CloudMinds’ strategic partnership with LEIA will jointly deliver technologies in 3D Holographic Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI) onto mobile devices. The combined platform will allow the processing and secure delivery of multi-view 3D “Lightfield” content to mobile phones, enabling users to have a naked-eye holographic experience. The two companies will share technology expertise, intellectual property (IP), development and manufacturing resources to deliver a premium digital experience to consumer and enterprise users.

Supported by investors including mobile operator Softbank, manufacturing powerhouse Foxconn, and global convergent telecom, content and media group Altice, CloudMinds and LEIA will jointly develop an ecosystem for holographic mobile applications. By collaborating with LEIA, CloudMinds will leverage its end-to-end platform including its flagship DATA mobile devices, secure network, and artificially intelligent cloud to power new applications in healthcare, retail, education, gaming and a wide range of industry verticals.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your Mobile-intranet Cloud Services (MCS) platform?

A: CloudMinds is developing the Mobile-intranet Cloud Services (MCS) platform for organizations to design, deploy, and manage intelligent cloud robotics over a secure virtual private network (VPN). MCS will provide new advances in enterprise mobility with the development of complete intelligent cloud robotics services powered by artificially-intelligent human assisted robots, or HARs, and supported with a comprehensive suite of software as a service applications running on a highly secure, highly optimized virtual private network.

Safety and security are two extremely important issues that need to be addressed before placing smart connected robots into homes and it is imperative these issues are addressed globally. If robots are connected to the cloud then security is an issue and there must be infrastructure that makes robots impossible, or nearly impossible, to hack.

Q: What are your plans for next 4 months?

A: CloudMinds is looking forward to establishing more industry partnerships and evangelizing the need for the international technology community to come together and standardize cloud-based artificially intelligent household robots. Robots and AI technology are developing into an international movement that will require much forethought and cooperation. Sending robots to public places and into family homes is very serious so it needs to be addressed effectively. It will be critical that standards, best practices, and other policies be developed at the international level. CloudMinds will be working hard to become an active contributor in the global community in solving such important and difficult problems.

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