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Cloudticity Helps Healthcare Organizations Transform Healthcare By Unlocking The Full Potential Of Cloud

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Founded in 2011, Cloudticity is a data solutions, managed services, managed compliance, and managed security partner for healthcare organizations. Below is our recent interview with Gerry Miller, CEO at Cloudticity:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Cloudticity?

A: We focus exclusively on helping healthcare companies take full advantage of the cloud to radically reshape healthcare.

Through groundbreaking automation and deep cloud expertise, Cloudticity empowers healthcare organizations to create and scale breakthrough IT solutions that streamline security and compliance, increase availability, boost performance, reduce cost, and power innovation.

Cloudticity is distinguished for having built some of the largest healthcare systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including the first patient portal, the first health information exchange (HIE), the first Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) high deployment on AWS GovCloud, and the first Meaningful Use 2 (MU2) compliance for a large hospital system.

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Q: What are the key benefits of using Cloudticity Oxygen™?

A: The journey to the cloud represents two fundamental challenges for healthcare IT leaders.

1. Managing infrastructure operations and security in ephemeral cloud environments is distinctly different from how it’s traditionally managed on premise
2. The scarcity of available healthcare cloud expertise makes it difficult for IT leaders to secure the right resources to get started and plan for a successful transition

Cloudticity Oxygen solves both problems by offering a platform that has automated 99% of infrastructure and security operations, while also providing real-time support from highly competent cloud experts to help guide the whole journey, start to finish.

By offloading infrastructure operations, security, and compliance management, IT leaders can free up internal resources and focus on innovation. Unlike traditional managed cloud solutions, which provide a secure environment but offer limited flexibility for making changes, Oxygen’s self-service model allows the freedom to deploy, retire, and configure cloud services that inherit your baseline security controls at your convenience. Utilizing well-architected AWS and Azure frameworks, Oxygen allows organizations to continuously optimize — creating a highly available, scalable, redundant, self-healing system.

Oxygen provides full or partial coverage for over 200 HITRUST CSF controls in a certifiable framework that can be used by any organization that creates, accesses, stores, or exchanges sensitive information) mapped directly to HIPAA CFRs (Code of Federal Regulation). Oxygen meets the requirements of multiple regulations and standards, streamlines compliance, and allows organizations to automatically revert to a compliant posture should drifts from HITRUST, HIPAA, or CIS (Center for Internet Security) necessities occur.

Q: What are the key benefits of using Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™?

A: The healthcare data landscape is scattered with heterogeneous data in various formats across and various environments. Making the data discoverable and then transforming it and standardizing it so it can be integrated and analyzed can take months with traditional tools and largely manual processes.

In addition, the desire to collect and store rich, historical data on patients in order to provide meaningful healthcare insights requires storage capacity. When we’re talking about millions of health records, such capacity is historically prohibitively expensive — particularly in public health, which remains notoriously underfunded.

Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub solves both these challenges by ingesting large quantities of healthcare data in any format and automatically aggregating and consolidating it into a single format and functional environment without the need for physical infrastructure or tedious data transformation processes — all for a price that saves our customers up to 90% compared with traditional solutions and storage.

Q: Who is your client user base and why?

A: We work with CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, Directors of Engineering, VPs of IT, VPs of Operations, and other IT leadership at healthcare payer, healthcare provider, healthcare technology, genomic, and life science organizations that want to migrate to AWS or Azure. These clients are typically in the early stages of cloud adoption. Some, however, are in mature stages of cloud adoption but are unhappy with their current MSP partner or overwhelmed by managing infrastructure operations. We also work with cloud-native health tech startups that are pre-launch (they generally have application developers but need healthcare security, compliance, and operations expertise).

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Q: What can we expect from Cloudticity in the next 6 months?

A: Cloudticity is changing the way people think about managed services and data analytics in healthcare. With the progression of the COVID-19 crisis, demand has skyrocketed in the public sector for the type of extensive insights uncovered through the Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub. The platform is purpose-built to enable healthcare leaders to quickly and cost-efficiently monitor, aggregate, measure, analyze, and report using cloud-native data interoperability and advanced real-time analytics tools.

In the next six months, you will see Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub assist states, counties, municipalities, health information exchanges (HIEs), hospital groups, and other organizations combatting the pandemic by:

• Visualizing COVID-19 clinical data in real-time to see emerging trends/changes that can help determine potential factors influencing COVID-19 outcomes, such as comorbidities, social determinants, and demographic correlations
• Intelligently managing critical supply chain such as ventilator inventories, Intensive Care Unit beds, and clinical resources
• Training and leveraging machine learning (ML) models to uncover deeper correlations and preventative measure development

Q: What’s the best thing about Cloudticity that people might not know about?

A: AWS recently recognized Cloudticity for Best Solution Delivering COVID-19 Value in the AWS Public Sector Partner Awards 2020. As the coronavirus emerged in the United States, New York was one of the first and hardest hit states with more than 52,000 cases by late March 2020. With little information on the novel virus, and much less on how to respond, the state needed a solution to help it tap into its clinical reserves and swiftly use data on COVID-19 patients for analysis. The state turned to AWS and Cloudticity to quickly deploy a platform to monitor, aggregate, measure, analyze and report data on a continuous basis and better understand and manage patient inflow and hospitalization.

Although we are devastated by the pandemic’s continuing impact, we are honored to have developed a solution that is really making a difference: To know that, when healthcare needs us most, we can stand by our mission and be truly helpful.

COVID-19 has created a healthcare crisis. But it’s also presented an opportunity for growth. It’s forced healthcare to address critical gaps, replace antiquated systems, and elevate its digital infrastructure. As a result, healthcare will be better equipped to serve the population during this pandemic and better respond to every incident, big and small, afterward.

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