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Collect Accurate Feedback From Your Customers In Every Step Of The Customer Journey

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Feedbackly is all in one multichannel customer experience measurement and analytics tool. The company helps independent business owners and corporations to reach bigger levels of success through better customer experiences. With Feedbackly you can easily measure what really matter and take actionable insights depending on your industry. Below is our interview with Jaakko Männistö, CEO at Feedbackly:


Q: What is Feedbackly?

A: Feedbackly is the only software tool that you can use to collect and manage customer feedback and data in multichannel. In other words it is a customer experience measurement and analytics tool. With Feedbackly you are able to easily measure your customer experience in all of your customer touch points, from brick-and-mortar to web sites and eCommerce. The channels that you can use can be e.g. email, feedback kiosk, SMS, Mobile QR codes, Web form, Website popup etc. And all of the channels are already implemented in our software. All data collection is automated and you are able to analyze the insights from one dashboard.

Q: What are main benefits of using it?

A: We are not the masters of our customers anymore. Customers decide where and how they wish to communicate with us. With Feedbackly you can listen to them easier than ever. Also the field of communication is fragmented to multiple different channels from social media, email, mobile to different locations and customer service. With feedbackly, you can use one simple tool to send surveys and communicate with your customers in all of these channels. Before you would had to use ten different softwares or services but now it is just Feedbackly. 59€ per month and one dashboard for all your customer experience data. You would save more than 5000€ per month.

In addition to the cost reduction and easier management, of course the main benefit is that you are able to listen to your customer more effectively and sell them more. When you enhance your customer experiences according your data, your business will grow.

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Q: What’s your startup story? How did Feedbackly start?

A: The idea to improve and revolutionize customer experience came from our own experience. I, Jaakko, was running a small business with two stand-alone stores and ecommerce. I found a need for real-time continuous customer information in all of the channels where I interacted with my customers. I actually found a solution that had a price tag of €30k. “There has to be a better way”, I was thinking to myself. Joonatan had the same revelation while filling a customer feedback form in a store, at the same time cursing about the lack of proper ways to provide feedback. We came together one night with Joonatan over cold beers, what else, and went to our only friend who knew something about app development, Joonas. The dynamic trio was finally together. Our trio actually drew the short stick on who handles coding, selling, administration and funding, and we were amazing enough to land our first customer even before any product was ready.

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Q: What was the most challenging part of developing it?

A: The most challenging part was simply that in the beginning we had no idea what we were doing. Only thing we had was a thrive to make a difference. We have made a lot of mistakes but only thing is that we can hope that we have learned something!

Q: Could you tell us something more about your pricing plans?

A: Our pricing plans? Sure, it is made to be rideculously easy and simple. The software base is 59 € per month for basic users. Use your multichannel measuring as much as you want. If you are a hardcore user and you have more location or you have to different web shops, extra channels are 29 € per month. Simple as that.

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Q: Do you have any new features in the pipeline?

A: Ouh, we have a lot!! And they are nice! Our idea is that we can make the use of the software as easy as possible so many of the features very closely related to user experience. But the ones that we are most exited about is that we are bringing out new channels which includes automated integration to POS systems and Credit + debit Card Readers, inside your own application and Software SDK!

Q: What makes you so different?

A: We are the only software at the market which offers all the tools that you need to measure your customer experience. Measurement is one thing but what makes the difference is that what you do with the data. For this reason, we are also dedicated to help you implementing the data your own systems and help you analyze your feedback – something that no other software company does! Feedbackly is truly a All-in-one multichannel customer feedback and analytics tool!

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