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Commence CRM Making Waves In The Small To Mid-Size Business Sector

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Companies looking to implement a CRM system for their business immediately think of industry giants and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as solutions, but there is an up and comer that is making waves in the small to mid-size business sector with a robust alternative that is simply easier to implement and easier to use. That product is Commence CRM. What makes Commence CRM so attractive is that the products functionality rivals that of the industry giants, but at a much lower cost and without excessive on-boarding fees for implementation, training and support.

The CRM sector is chock full of low cost cookie cutter solutions that provide basic functionality for managing accounts and contacts and a sales forecast, but if you need more than the basics you have to jump up to the industry giants whose solutions are expensive and cumbersome to use. There is clearly a gap for businesses that need more functionality then the one-size fits all CRM products can offer, but not the cost and complexity of higher end solutions. Commence CRM is targeted at these companies and is an ideal solution for businesses that need additional functionality and the flexibility to address unique business requirements.

Commence takes traditional CRM systems to the next level and offers a document library, marketing campaign management, a help desk ticketing system with a customer portal, a knowledgebase and a fully integrated project management system. The product is also modular in design which means you can pick and choose just the functionality you need today and add other modules at any time. Commence CRM is more customizable then competitive offerings, and offers mobile access, integration with e-mail clients and two way synchronization with MS Outlook for e-mail, contacts, tasks and calendars.

We spoke with Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation about the company’s positioning and here’s what he said. “Our positioning has served us well and has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in an extremely crowded market. Businesses that come to us have already decided that solutions like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM are not a good fit for them and they have discovered that the myriad of low cost solutions cannot address their requirements. They also appreciate the fact that we have an experienced team of sales, marketing and customer service professionals that engage with them to insure that they realize the maximum value from our solution. We are not just a software provided says Caretsky, we are a solution provider. I encourage people to take a look at what customer’s say about our company and our product on our web site”.

We also asked Caretsky what his biggest challenge was taking the company forward. “Our biggest challenge is not competing on functionality, but on instead on notoriety. The industry giants spend tons of money on marketing and as such get all the visibility and fan fair. We just help small to mid-size companies grow their business. Unfortunately, you don’t get to much press coverage for that”.

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