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Complementing Your Business Development Team With An Intuitive Advisor

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Current models of business development depend greatly on methods that focus on sizing up competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities; combining a shotgun blast and spaghetti-on-the-wall approach to bid on multiple proposals; utilizing low-balling price techniques; and/or even expecting that established personal or professionally relationships will be enough to gain a competitive edge. While there is a place for these tactics and techniques in corporate America, the next generation of high achieving CEOs, executives and business developers are finding higher levels of prosperity and abundance by employing skilled intuitive consultants.

Among others, complementing your business development team with an intuitive advisor ultimately boosts an organizations’ bottom line by building its business and providing some of the following:

1. Bid/No Bid. A skilled intuitive can offer a bird’s eye clear view of any business development problem area and zoom in to explore it in more detail, from a 360-degree awareness on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Being able to see from within and around the problem space can reveal surprising insights and new information that proves beneficial to bid/no-bid decision making.

2. Navigating Bids. Navigating capture opportunities to include technical obstacles, pricing, or talent to hire, intuitive consultants are living radars that explore all bid aspects to gain a clear and complete picture of potentials. This gives businesses a competitive advantage to save time, money, and energy on unprofitable business development and/or capturing investments.

3. Business Pipelines. With multiple contract vehicles and pipelines to monitor, everyone wants to know what business opportunities are worth going after. An intuitive consultant can help you navigate current and future options, methodically plan, and then help prepare your business and contract teams by validating emerging opportunities, liabilities and blind spots, and averting dangers and pitfalls. Simply put, an intuitive consultant helps you perceive hidden treasures and chart the most optimal course of action towards lasting and continued success.

4. Managing Difficult Customers. Whether fighting to keep a contract or dealing with a difficult customer, having a trusted intuitive advisor by your side can help you decipher and win over the most problematic customers, and overcome unreasonable demands and tricky objections.

While intuition is a gift, the success of intuitive consulting depends on asking high quality and right questions, trusting in the information received, and acting upon this guidance. Intuition is a faithful and reliable tool, yet it will only work if we dare to listen to and believe in the information that is there for us, even if we can’t see or hear it with our physical senses. Giving intuition a precise target, and then remaining open to receive whatever it brings back is what’s giving a new generation of CEOs a magical touch to make winning choices and support informed and actionable business decisions.

The bottom line is that having a skilled intuitive consultant on your business development team will not only save you time and money, it will prove to be such an indispensable asset that you will come to wonder how you ever lived without one.

Kathy Doran

About Kathy Doran

Kathy Doran Intuitive Business Consultant, LLC, is a successful and gifted corporate intuitive consultant who can provide you with a truly customized service that will give you a “map” to achieve your overwhelming success. She has the gift, skill and ability to reach beyond the surface of any situation to get to the truth of what is really happening, sense potentials and trends, help you understand possibilities, overcome blind spots, and confidently chart the optimal course of action to achieve success at the personal and professional levels. She further harmonizes her intuitive readings with energetic manifestation sessions to help you materialize desired outcomes that bring your dreams to life in the physical day-to-day world where it really counts. Kathy is down to earth and practical. She has trained in many Spiritual disciplines, proudly served as an Active Duty U.S. Army Officer for over 24 years and is experienced in both corporate and government business environments.

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