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COMPUCHILD’s President Shubhra Kant On The Innovative Idea Behind This Unique Entrepreneurship Focused Children’s Education Franchise

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COMPUCHILD franchise offers Entrepreneurial STEAM™ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) focused enrichment classes primarily to elementary school and pre-kindergarten children in the United States and Canada. This franchise has a unique focus on entrepreneurship through technology (STEM and STEAM), financial awareness, communication and ethics. COMPUCHILD’s programs help kindle the spirit of constant learning, innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration for the social good at a very young age.

In part 1 of our interview we talked about the COMPUCHILD Franchise, its focus, philosophy, and the various enrichment programs that it brings to children. In part 2 of our interview, we have focused on the business aspect of COMPUCHILD from the perspective of a prospective franchisee.

Q: What does it cost to start operating a COMPUCHILD Franchise?

A: Since 1994, our team of educators and business professionals have been constantly refining our curriculum and business model to create a fulfilling low-cost franchise opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs. COMPUCHILD is pretty much the lowest cost children’s education franchise available. We believe that quality education should be accessible to all and a lower startup cost will allow our franchisees to bring these unique and interesting enrichment programs to the maximum number of students. Our monthly royalty fees are fixed and our franchisees are fully rewarded for the hard work they put into growing their business. With the understanding that it takes some time to ramp a business, we do not charge any royalty fees for the first three months of a new franchisee starting their business. The initial franchise fee and training for our standard territory costs less than $15k. Adding all other variable and startup costs, our “capital-light” business model allows our franchisees to start operating their franchise business with just under $30k. Our mini territory has an even lower one-time franchise fee and startup cost. In addition, COMPUCHILD’s Military Benefit Program is available to all honorably-discharged veterans/reservists and their spouses. We offer a 20% discount on the initial franchise fee and also have an option to waive royalty fees should a franchisee be called up for Guard or Reserve duty.

Q: What do you mean by a “capital-light” business model?

A: By “capital-light” business we imply a model that keeps the resources needed to start our programs at the very minimum, making it easy for motivated entrepreneurs to get started. A unique feature of our business model is that it does not require our franchisees to own/rent a dedicated center. I would like to clarify that just like most other children’s education franchises, COMPUCHILD has a detailed procedure laid out for franchisees to open their own center that they can operate from. It’s just that we have also developed a parallel business model where franchisees can run their business by collaborating with elementary schools, pre-schools, after-school centers and day-care centers. This results in a much lower fixed cost for starting the business. In addition, our curriculum development, equipment selection, choice of software and even scheduling of classes have been meticulously optimized to facilitate a low-cost operation for our franchisees.

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Q: How do you help COMPUCHILD franchisees succeed in their business?

A: With highly detailed curricula, specific teaching guidelines, a tailored business process and helpful marketing tips, it’s very easy for new franchisees to get started. We offer a user-friendly student management system for both in-person and online classes. Clear guidelines are provided for instructor hiring, training and management. We have developed close relationships with approved vendors for equipment, teaching supplies, marketing material and other supportive services. While we provide a plethora of quality curricula covering various diverse topics, we do not stifle the innovative thinking of our franchisees. Our franchisees are encouraged to develop their ideas into a curriculum that they are free to teach within their territory after approval from the franchisor.

Robotics engineering for kids

The success of our franchise is evident by the various quality and satisfaction awards that we have earned over the years. COMPUCHILD has earned a place in the prestigious annual ‘Best of the Best’ list of the Franchise Business Review almost a dozen times as of 2021. We were listed among the “Top Emerging Franchises” in 2021 by Franchise Gator. COMPUCHILD was recognized as the “Best Low-cost Franchisee to Buy” by Franchise Business Review in 2020. We have also earned a spot on the list of “G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Franchises” in the past.

Q: Could you talk about your training and support initiatives?

A: COMPUCHILD offers an extensive training program which focuses on providing its franchisees an in-depth understanding of the proprietary curricula and emphasis points while pitching to a school or after-school program. Our initial 16-hours in-person training is offered on-line to get our franchisees started. Franchisees are well familiarized with the technology setup, classroom structure, accounting, equipment needs and all other issues related to starting their business right away. This comprehensive training process has been refined for over 25 years. Beyond the initial training, we offer various ongoing training programs based on the needs and interests of our franchisees. Detailed teach-in is conducted whenever a new curriculum is rolled out. To facilitate a supportive franchisee network, we have launched a mobile intranet where all COMPUCHILD franchisees can stay connected and benefit from each other’s experiences. In addition, my team and I are always available to answer any questions that our franchisees may have. My background as a top COMPUCHILD franchisee for 5 years in a row has better prepared me to help my franchisees and I am fully dedicated to helping my franchisees succeed in their endeavors in every possible way.

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Q: Who is an ideal prospective franchisee of COMPUCHILD?

A: A COMPUCHILD franchisee creates a better future for the world by contributing to children’s education. The flexibility and independence that comes with running a COMPUCHILD franchise allows our franchisees to find the right work-life balance while giving them the satisfaction of shaping a better future for the society. An ideal franchisee for us is someone who is passionate about entrepreneurial education, is a good communicator, has effective organization and time management skills. Our franchise is uniquely suited for pre-k and elementary school teachers who already have relationships with these institutions and are looking to add to their income stream with just a few additional hours of work. This franchise could be the best part-time business for teachers. With a deep understanding of emerging technologies, a sound background in effective teaching methodologies and a time-tested capital-light business model, our unique low-cost high profit franchise business brings high rewards and personal satisfaction to all our franchisees.

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