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ContactMetrics – A Simple Way To Learn More About Your Customers

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ContactMetrics is a form builder and hosted contact form service that leverages your customer data. Below is recent interview with Chris Youderian founder of ContactMetrics:

Q: Chris tell us something more about your background?
A: I’m actually trained as a PhD economist. In graduate school, I started selling interactive maps to supplement my income. That eventually turned into Simplemaps, which sells interactive HTML5 maps to web developers. I got hooked on entrepreneurship and software development and decided to start doing these things full time.

Q: Where did the idea for ContactMetrics come from?
A: ContactMetrics arose out of a need I had running Simplemaps. When prospective customers contacted me, it often wouldn’t be clear which product they were interested in and how much of our documentation they had already seen. Using ContactMetrics, I instantly know, “this person is interested in a US map and has already read our API documentation, he could probably use a code example.” This avoided the need for back and forth clarification emails saving me time and improving the customer service experience.

I also realized that contact forms contained a ton of valuable information: feature requests, testimonials, customer-specific language etc. I thought it would be awesome to make a tool that would allow businesses to leverage this data.

Q: Monetization?
A: After we get out of Beta, we’ll have monthly plans starting from $19/month.

Q: Are you looking for partnership opportunities?
A: Definitely. It’s still early, but we think web development and marketing firms could make great partners.

Q: Tell us more about your plans for the future?
A: We’ll be adding more data analysis tools, making it possible to import/export data, and adding more field types to the form builder. Where we focus next really depends on what we hear from our users.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using ContactMetrics?
A: For many online businesses, form submissions are some of the most valuable and underutilized data you have about your customers. ContactMetrics is a simple way to learn more about your customers, which is really the key to good marketing.

Last Updated on MAY 18, 2014

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