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Convirza Puts Call Analytics And Automation On A Whole New Level

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Convirza provides attribution, analytics and automation for phone calls. The company released the first ever call marketing optimization platform and raised a total of $29.05 Million from investors to date. Below is our interview with McKay Allen, Director of Communications at Convirza:

McKay AllenQ: Convirza provides enterprise-class call marketing optimization platforms. How would you describe Convirza in your own words?

A: Marketers have long had deep web analytics for their campaigns. But deep data has been lacking for phone calls. And with mobile search now surpassing desktop search, calls are more important than ever.

So, Convirza provides Attribution, Analytics and Automation for phone calls. We provide attribution through basic call tracking, marrying calls to campaigns and keywords. We provide analytics by analyzing every phone call with speech recognition technology and then extracting data like lead score and whether or not the call resulted in revenue. And we automate marketing actions like emails, big management triggers, or CRM actions, after the phone call.

Q: Last June you raised a $20M of Series B funding, what are your plans for 2016?

A: More expansion. We recently acquired a competitor – the media and publishing division of call tracking giant, CallSource. We’ve doubled our employee count in the last year and will continue to expand in 2016. We are primarily focused, however, on our products. Our new product, Convirza for Advertisers is in private launch now. We’ll open the doors in a few weeks.

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Q: Tell us something more about Convirza Web Services?

A: We have three products: Convirza for Call Quality Monitoring, Convirza for Advertisers, and Convirza Web Services.

Convirza Web Services basically allows sophisticated marketers to consume our data without having to use call tracking numbers from us. They can programmatically upload call recordings and call data via our API, we analyze those calls with our speech engine, and then programmatically return the data to them.


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Q: What are the main advantages of your solution – Convirza for Advertisers?

A: It is truly a call marketing optimization platform for enterprise advertisers. The data it extracts from phone calls is simply revolutionary. There is no other tool on the market that gives marketers the visibility that Convirza for Advertisers does. For example, if a marketer is spending a lot of money on AdWords, our product can tell him which ads, keyword groups, or even ads themselves are generating calls. It can tell the marketer which ads generate calls with a high lead score, and even tell him which ads generate calls that convert to revenue. And then, it can (via our integrations) automatically optimize the bid within AdWords.

The is the first marketing automation platform for phone calls.

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Q: Convirza has experienced revenue growth of over 800% in the last two years, what’s your greatest company strength?

A: We have a great team and we have an obsession with innovation. When we launched our conversation analysis engine, none of our competitors were even talking about digging data out of conversations themselves. Now they are. And now that we’ve launched a product that focuses on automation, I expect the same thing to happen.

We’re focused on being cutting-edge and delivering a great product that, most importantly, delivers an incredible ROI for our clients.

Last Updated on December 4, 2015

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